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the straight scoop on Bob Neal info

I am the Neal dude. This page explains in an entertaining and non-technical way what makes the facts about Bob Neal's method of compressing air for free so hard to find online, and why I am considered the horse's mouth by those who have been in the field with the horses for some time. Expressions regarding other portions of the horse's anatomy are reserved for use by those who disagree, since my being the Neal Dude doesn't actually mean I own any part of Neal's brain, which was unfortunately not pickled for perpetuity at the patent office when he died. The proof is in the pudding, and I am the first to admit that the pudding is still being set up.

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air car forum

Air Car Access and Pneumatic Options Research Library forum are happy to announce...a friendly place for compressed air researchers and inventors to come together for shop talk, design critiques, and just plain passing the gas around.

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my most popular book

Compressed Air Power Secrets, 3rd Edition A technical book for people who hate technical books. All you have to know is a little (very little) simple algebra in order to ingest this whole 374-page book. It will make you smarter than me if you aren't already. After 29 years of studying compressed air I still didn't understand the math so I studied several compressed air textbooks to find out what I didn't know. I forced myself to come to an understanding of everything I read and analyzed the reasons why it was so hard to figure out, and all the details of this quest, within reason, are included in the book. This is the book you need in order to teach yourself how air works and what the calculations mean.

Mekarsky compressed air streetcar in Paris Gare de l'Est 1876-'79

historical air cars

Another chapter of history that never made it into the official version of "history": real air cars!

my gokart with mermaids in background

air car pictorials

Proof that air cars are real.

working for free, not for nothing

if you're an airhead too, select Door Number 1

This has been my personal research dissemination project since 1979. Beware of cheap imitations, which can be identified easily since they are cautious enough to not copy my jokes. To get your two cents in, join the forum.

from H K Porter catalog cover

descriptions of downloadable materials

Free information, all described on these pages (in the next six sub-categories to follow) and download links are provided.

the light of science

older compressed air textbooks

Older textbooks spelled it out more clearly than modern ones.  Here are the classics, and more are available.

the darkness of academia

books I wrote

Book projects have kept me going since I was 11 years old. My theory about Big Publishing is that they don't need me and I don't need them.


Large compilations of my research findings on specific topics such as "free-range" air cars, "hybrid" air cars, etc.



Pneumatic and related machinery and whatever doesn't fit somewhere else.

Constantinesco torque converter

acoustic power

Doing work with sound waves; the air is the main moving part. The picture at right shows an oscillatory torque converter invented by George Constantinesco, who had many patents on acoustic power. Acoustic power is also routinely used to supercharge racing motorcycles without a supercharger.

Tesla turbine patent drawing

tesla turbine

Some degree theses, articles, miscellaneous.

Terry Miller Air Car One right side of engine

Terry Miller pictures

Download links for better resolution pictures from Terry Miller's plans. This is the best quality available, though still from photocopies. All are free.

the prisoner

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Far Side by Gary Larson, going in circles

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Jerry Lewis as nutty professor


Frequently asked questions.

air tank on fire


Articles about compressed air's unique advantages.

air tank with muscleman inside

Neal tank

An air tank is full of energy, why fight it? Just use the energy in the tank to put more air into the tank, instead of fighting against the existing pressure in the tank.

ice melted by ambient heat

Compressed air is solar energy

Proof from textbooks that the work of compression is all lost as heat, leaving the heat of the sun as the only source of energy in most of the compressed air used for everyday applications.

part 49 from Bob Neal's patent


Many people believe that resonance is the working principle behind Bob Neal's self-filling air tank.

Hem and Amy aka Gas Buggies by Frank Beck

Gas Buggies
by Frank Beck

For over a year, cartoonist Frank Beck devoted Gas Buggies—a daily cartoon strip syndicated to newspapers across the U.S—to the notion of a free range air car.

quote from Street Railway Motors p. 54 re: injectors

Tank injector

For a long time people thought this was Neal's idea because it was first published on my Neal Tank web page. Some people still think Neal's tank worked this way, and maybe they're right.

quote from Street Railway Motors p. 99-100 re: skeptics

General Herman Haupt, C.E.

The world's first air car advocate, General Herman Haupt ran the railroads for President Lincoln during the Civil War.

Goofy and Mickey build an air car Halloween 1937

Goofy's air car.

Goofy takes Mickey Mouse for a ride in his new free range air car. Published by Walt Disney on Halloween 1937.

air engine built by engineer Paul Trentham

Honda air engine.

This air engine was designed and built by engineer Paul Trentham (right) who helped with Terry Miller's project. The engine was later given to the University of Washington for their cryogenic (liquid nitrogen) car. I owned it long enough to take pictures, then gave it away. A simple conversion of a motorcycle engine using a rotary valve.

Mr Spooky 1980

My other website.

The fine gentleman pictured to the right was and is an award-winning designer of racing motorcycles. He came to my house dressed all in black (1981) and told me the government would NEVER let me build or sell air cars. He's still making motorcycle parts, and I'm still thinking about building air cars (2013). Just google "Mr. Spooky" "Air cars" "compressed air" "people love air cars."

My video collection.

screenshot showing my YouTube channel
Real wealth is not gold. Real wealth is knowing what to do with energy.
—Buckminster Fuller