Acoustic Power

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The Piston Made of Air (4th edition)

wave guide shape from a Kadenacy patent

The Kadenacy Effect and its use in the function of pulsejets and pulsating combustors, and in the tuning of two-stroke exhaust systems. Could help to understand the Neal equalizer. Includes plans for a simple pulsejet model.

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Acoustic Power Devices, 2nd edition

resonant gas compressor (Bodine)

Constantinesco, Bellocq, Bentley, Bodine and how they did all kinds of pumping and other work with nothing but sound waves; fluid friction heaters, pulsometer pump, ram pump, reciprocating-jet pump, hydropulse engine, acoustic levitation.

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Constantinesco Treatise and Patents

Theory of Wave Transmission, an engineering textbook by George Constantinesco aka Cogu or Gogu Constantinescu, which pertains to machines that do various kinds of work due to energy delivered by vibrating fluid. This is one of the best sources of information on this type of machine. Constantinesco was the "Thomas Edison" of his native land, Romania, but he had ten times the education of Edison and his inventions are still 100 years ahead of his time. Many of the inventor's patents are included in this file. He is best known as the inventor of the device that made it possible for World War I fighter pilots to shoot bullets between the propeller blades of their own plane. He also invented a torque converter that is beyond my ability to understand. All of his inventions employed acoustic power and/or frequency-dependent signaling.

His many patents are available online at the various patent sites.

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Thermoacoustic Heat Pumps

Tim Lucas of Macrosonix and his high-pressure sound-powered refrigeration, articles and patents detailing the origin and history of the new field of acoustic refrigeration.

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Energy Exchanges in Vibrating Fluids (2nd edition)

Resonators, vortex rings, resonating jets, resonance in piping, waterhammer, wave dynamics, noise reduction.

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Pulsometer Pump

Rotary Pressure Exchangers

Pressure wave machine, equalizers and dividers, wave rotor, wave engine, all names for this type of air compression technology which uses waves to induce two gases at different pressures or temperatures to mix, producing a mixed gas at an intermediate pressure/temperature. The pressure exchanger, unlike the vortex tube, is a non-dissipative device. On a related note, the pressure exchanger—like a heat pump—can move more energy than it takes to operate. A giant European corporation has sold them as superchargers for big diesel engines. The pulsed-jet pump does basically the same thing, without moving parts.

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