John Elwyn Holleyman

John Holleyman was interested in running cars on compressed air as well as extracting energy from natural gas wells by running air engines on the naturally pressurized gas (by pressure, not combustion).

John E. Holleyman, photo courtesy of Joni Clark-Nelson

Invention Summary

What the Inventor Claimed

The air engine recycled its exhaust using an injector to put its exhaust back into the air tank.

What the Publicity Stated

From his obituary: "The Lord inspired John to invent an air injection motor that later grew into 'JJJ Air Injection Systems'. Although his motor has yet to be sold, he enjoyed the time he spent working and traveling to explain the workings of his masterpiece."

Inventor Biographical


Several patents on the engine and injector including US Patent Nos. 4896505, 4162614, 5163292, and 3925984, as well as several more on using the engine with natural gas.

Work Experience

cowboy, lineman, decorated World War II veteran, restaurant owner

Family Background

John Elwyn "Tex" Holleyman was born on December 1, 1920 in Carbon, Eastland County, Texas. He married Mary L. Evans in Monroe, Louisiana in 1949. His parents were Perry Alexander Holleyman a.k.a. "Elic" and Edna Elizabeth Martin a.k.a. "Lillie". He had sisters named Lily Bell Chambless, Edwina Williams, Lola Bell Porter and Lydia Redell Holleyman. His only brother died as an infant.

In the 2nd world war, John was a sharpshooter serving in Central Europe and France. For his service he received the Silver Star as well as several service ribbons.

John died in Delaware on April 7, 2010 where he and his wife Edith Brownell moved around 2003.


Known as "Uncle Johnny" to his nieces and nephews who were very close to him. Uncle Johnny was a religious Christian with an interest in sharing his faith with others.

Legal Problems?

None known.

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