About the Air Car Project

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Inspired by player piano restorations begun in 1969
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Here at Pneumatic Options Research Library, we are always laboring to achieve what monopolistic industrial interests have pronounced impossible since the cave days.

Let's hear it for the end of the cave days. As soon as possible.

George L Heaton, air car inventor

Air Car Project Timeline
1969 – 2013

George Heaton

1969.  First exposure to air powered motors through the hobby of rebuilding player pianos.

1979.  Decision to give up political protesting in favor of building a replacement for status quo energy and transportation.

wooden air motor from a player piano

1980.  Meeting with George Heaton, who had built free-range air cars in 1949. George's influence switched the emphasis from wooden cars with suction motors, to full-size automobiles with compressed air motors. George also taught that "There's a way to put low pressure air into a high pressure tank." Before giving up on the suction car idea, a toy air car was built with a wind motor from a player piano, which was powerful enough to carry a vacuum cleaner motor at top speed in a straight line until the car hit the far wall, or until the electric cord came unplugged.

1981.  First meetings with engineers. Told to give up.

1982.  End of the world came and went. Enjoyed it thoroughly with good friends.

Terry Miller and Air Car One

1983.  Obtained a copy of inventor Terry Miller's book. Knowledge of compressed air hardware and nomenclature slowly began to accumulate.

1984.  Met Terry Miller, spent several hours with him and his air car. Discovered old compressed air textbooks and details about the locomotives that were used for 50 years around the world. Received a packet of material from researcher David London. This was the seed of the Pneumatic Options Research Library.

Terry Miller's air car, Scott Robertson driving, Wichita 1985

1985.  Worked with Terry Miller at the Wichita Energy Expo. Met keynote speaker Dr. Amory Lovins when we used the air car to pick him up at his hotel upon his arrival. Advised by Dr. Lovins to consult older engineering materials such as Compressed Air Magazine.

1986.  First experiment with bellows based on perpetual motion delusion. Learned that leverage is just leverage. Learned that ambient heat can be used to extend range of air cars. Interviewed inventor Bill Truitt, who built free range air cars from 1920 to 1983.

1987.  First booklet sold, The Solar Air Car, from an ad in Mother Earth News. Sold three copies and gave six away, which set the tone for future of the Air Car Project as a capitalistic entity.

1988.  Met Doc McDonald, a naturopath and researcher nearly 80 years old, who funded the project for a few years. He told of his acquaintance, air compressor inventor Bob Neal. Obtained a copy of Bob Neal's US Patent 2030759, which mirrored George Heaton's claim, saying that a tank could be kept full without pushing air in against the tank's resistance. First air car book produced, Air Car Access Volume 1.

1989 – 1996.  Worked in a machine shop, then full time as a business manager, used own money to finance many compressed air experiments, Neal tanks, and ads in Popular Science. Built three working air engines, videotaped the best two.

torquerack air engine

1991.  Learned from textbooks that all compression work is lost as heat, which proved the theory that ambient heat is the energy source for self-sustaining pneumatic power plants.

1993.  Began to acquire computer skills. Learned touch-typing, word processing, spreadsheets, AutoCad, scanning, QuickBooks, etc.

2002.  First good internet connection, first website www.AirCarAccess.com which is now almost 15 years old.

2003.  Worked in a machine shop. Scanned all the research compilations and recycled the paper, gave filing cabinets away.

Map to my house.

2005.  Moved to the Philippines, can't afford to live in the US anymore. Took three years off to study the Bisaya (a.k.a. "Cebuano-Visayan") language. Spearheaded an effort to put this beautiful language Bisaya back on the map.

2009.  Wrote Compressed Air Power Secrets, 3rd edition, working 24/7 for five months. Our most popular publication ever since.

Compressed Air Power Secrets,3rd edition Air Car Hall of Fame, volume 1

2010 – 2011.  Returned to political protest as a form of spare time entertainment, via Facebook. Went in debt to research Air Car Hall of Fame, volume 1, exploring in detail the accomplishments and backgrounds of inventors who made unusual claims about compressed air power devices. Return to this project is heartily longed for, but correspondence has taken on a life of its own with several people who think they are on the brink of learning the secrets of Bob Neal, George Heaton, Bill Truitt, and others.

2011.  Wrote a zeroeth draft of You Already Know Calculus, a book which is not yet ready for human consumption.

2012.  Established an online forum. Working with engineers, machinists, mechanics, and inventors from several countries to pinpoint and prove the working theory behind Bob Neal's self-filling air tank. Partial proof has already been obtained.

end of world cartoon homeless man with sign

2013.  World ended 21 December 2012. Thoroughly enjoyed it with family and friends. Can't remember much of it.

Here we see Pneumatic Options Assistant Librarian, Homer Bloughout, investigating reports that the flip side of the Mayan Calendar is buried under the Air Car Access World Headquarters.
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