Part Two of Unworlding

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The main purpose of this excerpted version of my dream journal is to leave out the stuff that didn't work, to leave out the psychobabble, conjecture, theory, personal ramblings, and to stay focused on milestones big and small which seem to be the most obvious stepping stones to the kinds of experiences I was ultimately hoping to have. Since this doesn't do justice to what the journal really was or what I actually did as a practice, there are links to the long versions of each chapter. If you go to these links, you'll find that the full journal is Part 3 of a book I wrote before and during the first year of practice, Meetings of Possible Ways. The book you're reading right now, Unworlding, was written after the first year of practice as a summary of new beliefs, theories, opinions, and as a look forward. Near the end of each journal chapter (either long or short version), you will find unworlding experiences of the sort that used to be called OBEs or lucid dreams.

Journal entries themselves have not been changed. It's just that in the short version, most of the entries have been left out. Since I was still using old terminology like "OBE," new terminology is not used in this section.

In retrospect, I think the most important experiences I had were the little sleeps [LS] and non-lucid OBEs [NLOBE] which, I believe, are what conditioned the conscious mind to pay attention to the inconceivable. By repeatedly losing conscious awareness completely for only a few seconds, I learned to recognize and remember experiences that would have been lost if I had been deeply asleep. But in this version I have left out most of the LS and NLOBE also, except when they seemed to be a minor version of the kind of unworlding experiences I was ultimately aiming for.


... details left out of entry, this version only

[LS]: little sleep accompanied by a little dream

[NLOBE]: non-lucid OBE, similar to LS but takes place in RTZ

RTZ: the real time zone such as the dreamer's bedroom or other place that seems to match the physical world

*** means "the following dream was separate from the last one".

[Stuff in brackets is my comments, usually written the same time as the description of the dream or other experience.]

"Quotes are used only when exact words are remembered from the dream."

SC: silent companion, dream character(s) unseen and unheard, but whose presence is noticed.

SP: sleep paralysis

Cwahacoy: a dream character of varying appearance who is the essence of female companionship for me personally

Stumped-No-More: a dream character of varying appearance who embodies my highest self, comprised of all seven dream bodies (chakras) in balance with each others' respective focus or energy level. A.K.A. Tiger or Whirly, he appeared in the best dream I ever had, near the time (1980) when I had my first conscious OBE.

FK: Frank Kepple, OBE teacher; compilation "FranksPosts.pdf" is available on the forum astralpulse.com.

FA: Fred Aardema, OBE teacher, his book has a must-read chapter on the 3D darkness a.k.a. the Void

JZ: Jurgen Ziewe, author of Multidimensional Man and Vistas of Infinity

MR: Michael Raduga, Siberian author of The Phase which is by far the best book on pragmatic OBE technique

RAM: Robert A. Monroe, founder of TMI, whose three books formed the backbone of what was known of this art for decades

MPE: Mike of Phase Evolution, my favorite OBE channel on YouTube

RB: Robert Bruce, OBE teacher with books full of detailed instructions and many youtube videos and courses

CC: Carlos Castaneda, a metaphysical writer whose teaching novels go deeper into explaining experiences of expanded awareness than any book of new age philosophy. Carlos was not a new ager, in fact he lied about his age, succeeding in appealing to an audience younger than himself. He was a synthesizer and re-transmitter of existing philosophies. Castaneda's real "don Juan" was probably Milton Erickson M.D., founder of the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis.