UNWORLDING...the art form formerly known as "out-of-body-experience," "astral travel," "lucid dreaming," "phasing," "the quick switch," etc.


The main problem with the idea that soul parts have no awareness is that awareness seems to be left out of it. And you can't leave awareness out of anything, because everything in the universes is made from awareness. So you can't just say that Joe Blow's unwanted aspect was abandoned by awareness and left to work out its karma in some repository for unwanted aspects. Elsewhere I have said that "reflections have no awareness" or something of the sort. Can I even say this? Doesn't everything have awareness if everything is made of awareness?

One convoluted and inapprehendable answer is found in a contorted attempt on the part of Robert Monroe to explain away his unworlding discovery "loosh" as some sort of love or something. A point that he wasn't able to make clear since it was BS; he just didn't want to have loosh in his world, so he tried unsuccessfully to explain it away somehow. In the world of new age philosophy, when you run out of other BS rationalizations to fall back on, just change the subject to pure unconditional love and your audience will not be able to disagree with anything else you say.

What is loosh? Loosh is the act of feeding off someone's used emotional energy. Aha! Now we're getting somewhere, since this thread of thought is based on the notion that everything is supposedly energized by awareness and nothing else; here is a something else that something else prefers as its source of energy instead of pure awareness. The philosophical problem being, some aspect goes to some hell and suffers for eternity (since I deny the notion that aspects can be "saved" by retrieval). Well, within infinity, certainly there must be room for a little bit of eternal punishment? Especially since there is no need to bring time into it; so what is actually so eternal about it anyway? Just turn the time off. OK, but that's only part of it. The notion of this karma-enforcing repository being an ongoing experience of real people who actually dwell there is subjective, that part is brought to it by the third person experiencer who observes it with his own awareness of solidity and time functioning to some extent.

As it turns out, I imagine, there is such a thing as entities that are not aware, and these are aspects of the self or individual. They are just reflections. They are not simplistic reflections of physical light in a physical mirror, they are reflections of parts of one's psyche in a multiverse, a multidimensional, infinite set of parallel and unparallel universes. While of course there is room within infinity for entities to suffer endlessly for being rotten or evil or useless, it is not necessary; it serves no purpose. So it is left up to images only to do this, because we seem to expect it, so we--as infinite awareness--have dreamed it up. The hells and heavens and karma traps experienced at great length in book after book of OBE adventures do truly exist, but the units in them, their inhabitants or even prisoners, are not awareness experiencers; they are loosh eaters. They thrive on their own karma. They play out endless tapes of emotional waste and other dualistic karmic flotsam. They exist because they're needed in order for infinity to be complete. What else would you do with useless crap? Relegate it. Put it away somewhere. The joke is on the new age retrievers who spend all their unworlding time trying to rescue the reflections from the places where they belong, just because--as reflections of real entities--they appear to be realistic, they interact with the rescuer's awareness and beliefs, etc. Some of them can even provide information that checks out in the real world. Do we then assume that they are as real as the people they look like? That's called the "hook, line and sinker" approach to developing a belief system. Unworlders are guilty of this all the time.

So how do I deal with the apparent contradiction of saying that everything has awareness, while claiming that lost soul parts are not suffering and don't need to be rescued?

Simple. While the first harmonic of awareness is the creation energy within everything else--including bugs and rocks, deadly sharks and deadly volcanoes, heavenly guardian angels and demigods on high--unwanted and useless aspects of the self which split off to inhabit belief system hells, heavens, etc. instead feed off of the second harmonic of awareness, which in one of its descriptions could be called "emotional waste," but I call it loosh because Monroe started this rumor and was not able to bring it to a beautiful resolution. Someone needs to finish his thought instead of eating whole everything that Monroe says he unpacked from one of his precious ROTEs. Even some people who knew him hate the notion of loosh. At first he hated it himself, till he managed to explain it away as "love" without managing to make and sense of it.

Well I've always liked the idea: someone, somewhere, uses the rejected emotional energy of earthlings as manure on its garden. What we don't need, and think is stinky, others elsewhere use as food or money or fertilizer or something. Why not?

I've improved on that description now, making it a beautiful description: the split-off reflections which are ejected from our psyche, repressed, etc. are loosh eaters exclusively. They have no awareness whatsoever, nor do they experience time. They are literally two-dimensional (limited to 2ness) reflections which appear animated because they eat the same unwanted energy over and over. What's more, if they get a third dimension--that would be you, encountering them on one of your journeys--they come to life for you as seemingly real individuals and you waste your time trying to take them someplace where 2D entities can't remain. As soon as you stop paying attention to them, they disappear.

This is where it pays to understand the harmonics of awareness. Karma, good/bad, punishment/reward, paying off one's sins, it's all duality-oriented. It's twoness stuff. It's all done with smoke and mirrors. In order to have physical-like reality, a reflection must get connected to something--that's threeness--and that is you, giving them your energy, your agreement that they are real and substantial, which is what they thrive on. So you haul them off to Monroe's "real" heaven in Focus 27 and when you get there they've already disappeared mid-flight. Or, if you are more tenacious than that, you actually get them to the Park or Focus 27 and its Reception Center, some Reception Center workers appear to take the poor sap off your hands, and you write in your book that the nice astral people appeared to the poor sap as his doting grandparents so he would believe them and go along with it.

Uhhh... errr.... what's to say that the poor sap's grandparents didn't appear to him so that you, the wanna-be rescuer, would believe in them and go along with it??? And go away! These chameleons of the soul reception center are your guides, fooling you, so you will go on with the business of minding your own.

Let's get real, folks. Everything is equally unreal. Emotional energy is not timelike; that's out of order. First comes 2ness, then 3ness, then 4ness. Emotional energy, either going in (feeling of emotions, sometimes in an endless self-perpetuating loop) or coming out (loosh; i.e. rejecting emotional replay in favor of simply expressing once and letting go or just good old-fashioned letting go) doesn't know what time is. Time knows emotion, but not the other way around. In this system, there is no such thing as eternal suffering because emotion exists in a dimension where solidity (3ness) and time (4ness) do not fit.

But what about so-called "self soul retrieval"? I've already gone over the psychological aspect of this, which boils down to "get a life" or "get a hobby," whichever one you're able to handle. (Personally, I prefer hobbies.) But do 2-dimensional loosh-eaters consuming emotional waste also account for one's own rejected soul aspects dwelling in the consuming depths of the dark side of the remote mind?

I think you know the answer. Get a life, or get a hobby. I am presenting unworlding as the pasttime to beat all pasttimes. Your past is someone else's fertilizer, it doesn't matter how many times your 2-dimensional lost soul part replays a tape, since soul parts can't experience time, they can't experience suffering. Memory is 3ness and time is 4ness. Endless repetition of old tapes is just an image in a mirror playing with itself.