UNWORLDING...the art form formerly known as "out-of-body-experience," "astral travel," "lucid dreaming," "phasing," "the quick switch," etc.


Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers.


The earth revolves around the sun, but the world revolves around you.

The individual is in fact the only person in his world. Everyone else is two-dimensional until you, the creator and therefore the center of and awareness of your world, interact with them. And when you stop interacting, they revert to reflection status.

Three-dimensional (interacting) beings only ever remember some portions of the same events. Say you and Biff both dreamed that you read the same book. I'm using "dream" creatively. You both remember doing this in your respective waking worlds, but in fact all experience is a dream or vice versa. Unworldings are dreams. When your brother-in-law knocks your teeth out, it's a dream. When you wake up in the same bed every morning, it's a recurring dream. It's a law of my universe: All experience is on the same spectrum.

So you and Biff both dreamed that you read the same book... you dreamed this with your 2-3-4 minds. Biff says one thing happened in the book, you say another, you both walk away shaking your heads thinking the other person is crazy. This isn't some aberration, this is the typical state of our affairs. This state of barely agreeing with each other about almost everything is the daily bread and butter of reality. It makes laws and lawbooks and lawmakers necessary. Before that it made religion necessary, but government is now our religion, since Law and Religion split up some centuries back. Not that the split is really complete; they still share the same bed more than they let on.

One of my favorite parables from Carlos Castaneda is when he tells of an apprentice sorcerer who lived with his teacher and his teacher's cohorts, a group of sorcerers. Based on their first encounter, the apprentice was afraid of one certain member of his teacher's group, and avoided him fastidiously. In fact, they had never had a conversation despite living for years in the same hacienda. One day, the apprentice's teacher informed him that one of his cohorts--the fearsome one--didn't actually exist. For years, the teacher and his cohorts had taken turns dressing a certain way, holding a certain posture, wearing the same wide-brimmed hat covering part of their face. But because the apprentice had always been so careful to avoid interacting with the scary sorcerer, it was easy for his teachers, who were all Indians, to play an extended prank on him, even though they didn't all look alike and weren't even the same height.

We make lots of assumptions based on very little information, glossing over as much as possible and filling in the blanks with our expectations and assumptions. How else do you think the human race can manage to survive while purposely encouraging each other to get stupider every year? (Or "marketing" as it's euphemistically called.) It's simple: things are not how we assume, not as they appear. This is really a good thing, because if things are as they appear, then we are screwed.

Fortunately for us and the worthiness of eternal life itself, we are just dreaming. The seeming permanence of our world is a matter of the 2ness, 3ness, and 4ness dream bodies hogging more than their share of the individual's energy.

But what happens if your 2-3-4 dream does end, for whatever reason?

Do you believe for one second that this world you're experiencing now continues to be the solid one, while you float around as a "soul" or unit of "spirit," whatever that is? No, of course the form you occupy upon the self-destruction or death due to rigidity of the 2-3-4 mind is then the real one. It's what you're aware of, it's what you experience, so it's real. But in all factuality, I am here to inform you that death--your death in your world--is not going to happen at all. Death is a mental invention that helps us deal with and explain the disappearance of others from our world.

Here are some things that are not real:

--the future, including your own death and afterlife;
--the past, including your own personal history, ancestry, and memory;
--other people, including your parents, family, friends, and enemies;
--technology, including the junk you haven't finished paying for yet;
--progress, including self-improvement, evolution, and science.

I'd say that's a pretty good start on rolling back the curtain so we can see what's actually there. So let's keep on rolling it back till we can see even more clearly... roll, roll, roll, roll, roll, OK it's all rolled back, now what do you see?

The Nothing.

Who exists?

You do.

Who are you?

Awareness unlimited, pretending to be an individual.

Does Joe Schmoe over there exist?

No, it's you that's aware; it's you that exists. Your awareness of Joe Schmoe exists, as images, thoughts, perceptions, 2ness.

Do you exist in Joe Schmoe's world?

Only if he notices you.

Do you have a past together?

Only if you invent one together.

How does that happen?

Time is not an absolute, it is one of awareness's highly robust, capable, yet optional toys. You are in general probably unaware of its possible near absence from your experience, because like 2ness (individuality) and 3ness (memory), you are habituated to time or 4ness (ordering) so thoroughly that you don't believe time can be transcended.

Awareness cannot be divided up into individuals, because it is infinity. But it can pretend--because it is infinity--and that it does: it pretends, and the result is WE, an infinitude of imaginary playmates entertaining each other throughout all of eternity, with the 2-3-4 mind's outsides representing themselves as a fairly decent planet in an infinite universe. We extend the illusion of physicality beyond the earth's surface at great expense, effort and danger, but what the heck, it's better to shoot rockets to the next star system than it is to shoot missiles at each other's imagined differences, a.k.a. "cultures" and "nations". I'm all for space travel, the more the better. They should send whole armies of ass-kickers to whatever other planet can be found for them to conquer instead of this one.

As an individual already stuck in the illusion of separate existence, you possess a handy device to further empower the self's specialized talents. This is helpful in part because the 2-3-4 mind is so dad-blamed greedy, childish and stupid that it has to be tricked into giving up its monopoly on your energy. So in order to break its stranglehold on our reality, we must believe it exists, hunt it down, and chop off its thousand superfluous energy-sucking appendages. Then we escape into 5ness, change, and the ability or energy to initiate change, which is intent. The environment of infinity we perceive when we escape from 4ness (time) is the Nothing. The 5ness dream body that we merge with and/or see as if it were a separate being, a dream character, or a guide is the dream usher. The body of 5ness is also the 4th overtone of awareness or the 4th chakra, and it uses the color green in dreams. So you could say that the 4th chakra as a dream body ushers us in and out of the 4th chakra as a place symbolic of the state which is a doorway to everything, and that place is the Nothing.

I never had the faintest clue that the 5ness dream body existed from reading any new age or old age literature about dreams, chakras or anything else, until I read in Fred Aardema's book that the Nothing (which he calls the void or the 3D blackness) is experienced before and after every other state. OK, that was an attractive notion and he got if from his experience as a long-time unworlder, so I started looking at my dream journal, and everything fell into place. This has been mentioned in greater detail in an earlier chapter.

But dream bodies are not parts. We talked about soul aspects already; those are the loosh eaters, the reflections of our parts which exist in loosh repositories where they eat the same emotional energy over and over, or spend their own hoarded good or bad karma to their unaware hearts' content, etc. Our dream bodies are not parts of the individuals that we identify ourselves as. They are overtones of awareness itself, and there's only one of those. It is infinite and so are its overtones. So they are definitely not parts of you; in fact they are perspectives of infinity itself. Our seven dream bodies including the 2ness, 3ness, and 4ness dream bodies which I'm always berating, are as powerful as power itself. When you merge with one or more of your dreambodies, your state of awareness changes, and there is no mistake, no making it up. Escaping your typical state of 2-3-4 mind is unworlding.

When it comes to discussing our seven dream bodies, I am lucky enough to have never studied up on the chakras since the traditions about them are mostly religious propaganda designed to sell tickets to heaven to the owners of non-existent souls that fear non-existent death. And we're all lucky that the new age book writers, having little time for gaining experience outside of marketing their books, don't know about the seven dream bodies. This means we're breaking new ground, and I certainly appreciate the gravity of the situation and my responsibility as a reporter in this new field of study.

That's why it makes me so happy to report that at the height of their powers, my dream bodies tend to take on the appearance of important new age religious leaders such as Lily Tomlin, Leslie Nielsen, Dan Aykroyd, and the Three Stooges, to name but a few of the distinguished visages who have condescended to take a moment and grant me a gesture in my dream worlds.

The Dream Usher (5ness dream body) is a special case. Well they all are. I am obsessed with 5ness right now because its representatives are so frequently found participating in my dream experiences, sometimes as both the dream usher and the Nothing. I want to avoid giving out the impression that 5ness leads to a next state or 6ness in some kind of a self-improvement program. That's not how it works. The dream usher is Change in its essence, an element of reality itself. All experience is a dream. We have the more familiar "dimensions" or elemental experiences 2ness, 3ness, and 4ness which comprise the bulk of the 2-3-4 mind. When we take energy from these, and give it to 5ness instead, it's only because the 2-3-4 mind happens to be using up all our energy and that's why we're stuck in the whirlpool and can't get free.

The dream usher is the next whirlpool, but why get stuck there? Don't do it on my account, just to make my ideas look beautifully symmetrical. Once you have the fluidity granted by 5ness, why not use your newfound fluidity to remain unstuck and learn quickly how to balance all the chakras at once? I did get stuck in 6ness when I thought I had 5ness somewhat figured out, and it was gruesome, I'm still paying for that mistake. The higher harmonics spin very fast, they can really grab you and siphon off all your energy fast. That's why you should get the basics whittled down to size first, or else you might (for example) waste a perfectly good life preaching religious dogma when you could have been a true mystic having actual mystical experiences instead. The higher harmonics have a different feel than the lower ones. While the lower harmonics build the human form from scratch, the higher ones accomplish the fine adjustments that enable you to start using the human form as a tool instead of a toy.

In this sense, 5ness is the doorway to the upper levels of the human form. It's like the opposable thumb, the fifth finger, the one that's different. It can leapfrog us into new experiences quickly, even if we have previously gotten stuck in 4ness and its predecessors. What I'm trying to tell you is that the conscious mind cannot design its own solutions. Solutions have to be divinely-inspired like mine.

So I have previously given special attention to 8ness, the 7th chakra or dream body, intending to not lead anyone through some imagined progression that must necessarily hold in everyone's case. It is the quality of 6ness, for example--and not some position between 5ness and 7ness--that leads awareness from 6ness to 7ness. This quality is then enveloped somehow within the higher chakra. The states build on each other. I don't mean to plug you into some rut of prerequisites. You can start backwards and study your approach to balancing these energy centers--giving them each their fair share of your energy--without regard for any mental system of progress.

But 5ness... the dream usher... the Nothing, the state changer, the intent that's needed to spark things off in a new direction... what is it, in our normal and non-dogmatic experience of groping blindly through the learning of this unworlding skill, that actually does lead in and out of dreams? Becoming aware of something leads us into dreams and remembering who we are leads us out of dreams. What is this really? What is it that so often coincides with remembering who we are in a dream and waking up somewhere else, in our bed or just before a false awakening or in... lucidity.

The dream usher, the act of becoming aware, the act of remembering who you are, is lucidity.

So what have we just learned that can be put into practice?

Don't seek lucidity. Seek the personalized signposts of your dream usher. As an example, I will give some details below of last night's dream, which could have and should have become lucid, but there's no use crying about spilt milk. As usual I woke up in the kind of lucidity where we are in bed with our eyes closed knowing who we are but no longer believing in the reality of the dream state. We need to learn how to achieve lucidity without embracing the 2-3-4 mind's BS automatically, thus chasing the desired state away. Lucidity should work both ways.

Seek the signposts of the dream usher. If you miss them during the dream, that's what the dream journal is for. Make note of the signposts in the dream journal and you are much more likely to see them next time. That's why the dream usher is becoming so real to me in my dreams right now: because I'm taking an interest.

With you as the center of your dream universe (obviously) and with you as the center of your physical universe (theoretically), what's to keep the two worlds from merging completely? The dream usher has no interest in robbing energy from your 2-3-4 mind until you do. You have to desire to lose your own mind, in some real sense that some entrenched part of you is totally against doing. Because inertia and momentum of every habit including bad, stupid ones develop automatically, we have been given the beauty of 5ness, the energy to initiate change: intent.

You can't attack lucidity head on, you'll just scare it away. The status quo fully intends to assert itself, according to the laws of physics. You have to wrestle with the symbols which are energetically invested in things you want to keep, the things you want to change, and the things you want to reclassify due to changes in your beliefs. Take for example last night's dream. Since I wrote it down, I can talk about it. I can attach intent to it. I can say "I want more of this." Because if you don't care, neither do your dream bodies. If you do care, you are very lucky, because your dream bodies, unlike your bloated, lethargic, overemotional, greedy 2-3-4 mind, know how to care effectively. They know how to get your attention. They know how to say, "Here, bub, just merge with me," and you will eventually do just that, if you stay on the path and don't make it too impossible for yourself.

In last night's Big Dream, my silent companion and I and an anonymous group of people were standing around in the downtown City Park at night looking at the dark sky. Another companion had recently departed our company under some sort of emotional circumstances and was riding a jet pack in the sky writing us letters in the sky. His communications as well as subsequent appearances of multi-colored line drawings of light, and a huge UFO that flew right over us, were all communications and invitations from dream bodies. The silent companion is probably always a dream body, though I haven't solidified my theory about the true identity of this most ubiquitous of dream partners. The dark sky was the projection room, and the darker everGREEN tree standing in front of the dark sky, behind which these strange events kept appearing, was the Nothing, the dream usher. Then in a final scene, a small man--the dream usher, who I have named the Green Ripper, due to the way he finally got me to acknowledge his existence--showed up in a white ambulance and showed me a lineup of neon lime green plastic toys, and asked me to identify which one represented the alien presence I had seen earlier.

As is par for the course in my case, since I'm a beginner, the dream usher's demand was so pinpointedly aimed that it made me lucid--in my bed with my eyes closed--which is really the Nothing, though the 2-3-4 mind is keen to glom on to this state for its own purposes and lie to you, telling you that you have woken up in your bed with your eyes closed. Repeated instances of this experience should tell you to expect more from yourself. You have to place in your intent-o-genda a better plan. For example, "When waking from a dream, assume it is a false awakening, imagine any scene, and move into it when the scene stabilizes." Better than "any scene" would be the scene of your dreams. Why not? Might as well grab the chance when it presents itself and add a scene to the aborted dream--a lucid one that could be the doorway to the dream you remember the rest of your life.

As for the white ambulance, my dream usher is always trying to get me into a white vehicle to go someplace, since it is the purpose of the dream usher to usher me from dream to dream, from state to state. The white vehicles are his domain, the Nothing. The lineup he was showing me--his 4th chakra color, the neon lime green--was the exact same color he'd used to introduce himself to me once, when as the Green Ripper he sucked my essence out of me as a green fog and I watched my body shrivel up and go down a bathtub drain. And asking me to identify an alien presence was all about getting me to recognize my dream bodies and thus the possibility of merging with them.

The dream journal is all about noticing. Noticing--becoming aware--is where it's at. Noticing can take place after an event; time is not boss in these here parts. If I hadn't noticed the above dream, how much good would it have done me? The beauty of all this is not my description above, not my conclusions, some of which could be wrong. The beauty of it is the fact that the experience was noticed at all. Noticing is where it's at. Meditation teachers will tell you to ignore experiences, because they speed you out of the churchfulness of the offering plate and into self-administered freedom.

Who needs an afterlife when we already have eternal life, and when we, as awareness, exist perpetually with no dependence on the contribution of time anyway? It's the same new age teachers, the ones who are always droning on about the importance of the afterlife and uncomfortable--I mean unconditional--love, who keep saying that there's no time outside of the body. Which is it gonna be, then? Eternity as the creator and any damn thing you want to create, with or without the involvement of time? Or living out the same stuck belief systems as everybody else, just in case they're right... in spite of the fact that their religions are consistently creating a world that is determined to drive itself off a cliff?