UNWORLDING...the art form formerly known as "out-of-body-experience," "astral travel," "lucid dreaming," "phasing," "the quick switch," etc.


Experiencing expanded states of awareness relies on your ability to re-deploy some of your energy from its accustomed parasitical over-consumers--2ness, 3ness, and 4ness, where dwells the physical mind-body-world--and give this energy to the other harmonics of awareness instead. Not because the lower chakras or overtones are broken or maladjusted, and the higher harmonics are not higher in the sense of being better or more spiritual, they just need more of your energy than what you normally give them in order to do their magic. They are simply neglected, misunderstood, unexperienced, and very patient until you notify them that you are aware of their existence. At which time they go to work trying to get you to wake up and notice them.

This process of unworlding starts with the dream usher 5ness or change, continues on to various forms of 6ness such as curiosity, which is just appreciation for you know not what, and proceeds to the highest harmonics. Sevenness is wisdom, intuition, understanding what's really going on; 8ness is expansion or relaxation: when your parts cooperate with each other. We have gone over this before and we will go over it again.

What makes the physical world so solid? So prisonlike?

The answer is simple: 3ness.

We sense the world into existence. The 3rd harmonic of awareness is the antidote to separation, thus it is connection. As individuals we are separate from the rest of the world, separate from each other, and our livers are separate from our spleens. What creates the world--makes it real--is seeing it, hearing it, feeling it, tasting it, smelling it; feeling motion, hot and cold, etc. Sensation and perception are 3ness. Our 5+ senses connect us to the surroundings, to other people, to parts of our body. That's what makes reality real.

What makes some things more real than others? Generally speaking, since we live in a consensus reality, agreement among reality's various participants tends to concretize said reality into something believable, credible, something we can agree about. Threeness connects us to each other in a somewhat common reality, a collective average made up of individuals. What happens to disagreeable sorts of people who are always spouting unpopular opinions? Marginalized. They are said to "live in their own little worlds".

These notions are all related, and "relationship," by the way, is another description of 3ness.

So is attachment.

When we're attached to something, we don't want to let it go. We don't want to be separate from it. We cling to it. Are you seeing the pattern? Threeness has many descriptions, but it is one thing: the third harmonic of awareness. Also known as the 2nd overtone of awareness, or the second chakra. By the way, before I forget: the reason there are two systems of numbering for the elements of reality is twofold: 1) in music science, it's done that way; harmonics can also be called overtones and the numbers are one off; and 2) the overtone numbers correspond to traditional numbering of the chakras, while the harmonic numbers correspond to traditional meanings of the numbers as per traditional numerology.

When learning to unworld, especially when engaged in the exercise called "Noticing," a common complaint of the beginner is the tendency of images, aurages and feelages to disappear as soon as you focus on them. Well, as Frank Kepple used to say, when the untrained observer sees something non-physical with his mind, he tries to follow it with his eyes. But when you engage your physical eyes, it instantly re-creates the physical world, erasing the image. To get unhooked from the physical world, you have to see with your mind and keep the eyes relaxed. Frank Kepple liked to say look "up" into the mind. Any attempt to directly confront images will dissipate them; you have to go around the back way. You will learn how this works only by doing it.

I like to imagine the mind having a 360 degree scope, and look--with my mind, my awareness--behind my head where my eyes cannot follow. The idea being to ignore the eyes completely, in any convenient way that works for you. I don't mean to do this in a rigid way. Anything that keeps you from relaxing will re-engage the physical senses. There's a way of noticing images, aurages, and feelages without being attached to them. As soon as you glom onto something, you are putting too much energy into 3ness, and "putting too much energy into 3ness" is the very definition of being physical. Not that expanded realities aren't real. But they are not as solid as the realities we create by consensus and then practice experiencing over and over by consensus using all 5+ senses. That's why we crave expanded reality experiences. The rules are less important, we can do stuff like fly and create cheese, wine and chocolate just by thinking about it.

So what you have to do is put a lot of time and attention and focus into sensing and perceiving stuff that most people would agree is not there. This is a practical exercise, you are not sitting around waiting to hallucinate a whole chapter out of a Castaneda novel. You start with nothing and expand on that. You will learn to notice images once you give up the notion that it's hard. What could be easier than starting with nothing?

One of the most common bits of advice given to beginners in the field of unworlding is to not be attached to results. Why does this work? We try and try and try, and just prolong the dry spell. It isn't about trying hard. Making it hard is making it solid, engaging too much 3ness. Stiffened muscles don't get you into a fluid dream body. Rigid expecations of what an unworlding is like will just kill the process. When we stop trying, suddenly something clicks, if there's anything there that's actually ready to click. Things can fall into place when there is a flowing, accepting quality to your state of mind. That's why, when you start noticing, you have to accept, thus notice (be aware of) ANY change in the static darkness you expect when you close your eyes. This takes a little discipline at first, but you'll find it's pretty easy if you stop thinking, hoping, doubting, expecting, and evaluating. Which is not hard if you know how, and learnable if you don't; they call this learning process "meditation".

But for the most part, the answer is simple, a matter of definition: attachment to results is attachment. Attachment is something we do too much of, and that's one of the reasons we're prisoners in the Earthville Mental Institution. We're here to learn how to use our minds to create the reality we want. We're all here for the same reason. If you are one of the few that realize this, you aren't crazy, you are on your way out of the crazy house; while the true believers in "reality" will be shackled to this rigid state of mind for a long time, until they lose their mind like you've done.

I like the methodless method for "waking induced lucid dreams" or "WILD" as taught by "Billy Bob" on the Dreamviews forum. His main point, which he considers an advanced point that most people miss, is that you don't want to lay there trying to force yourself to have a lucid dream. He says you want to forget about dreaming altogether, or your hopes will be completely dashed. What he suggests is pretty much the same thing as the methodless method of unworlding taught by Frank Kepple. Focus on something else, like your breathing, or an imaginary activity, so your intent to unworld can engage itself. Intent doesn't need help creating reality. You just have to get out of its way. The conscious mind trying to force the remote mind to experience expanded states of reality is kind of a self-cancelling idea.

Billy Bob gives a great analogy for the resistance generated by trying too hard and being attached to results. Let's say the experience you desire is a wild bird, and you are you, and your intent to have this experience is bird seed that coats your whole body. If you sit quietly and wait, the bird comes to you. If you sit there shouting, "Here bird! Here bird!" what do you think will happen?