UNWORLDING...the art form formerly known as "out-of-body-experience," "astral travel," "lucid dreaming," "phasing," "the quick switch," etc.


The word "religion" comes from ancient root words meaning "tied back."

Knowing that, I could cut this article short right there, but I don't want to be short with anybody. I used to have a cynical attitude about religion, but when I found out where religion comes from, I mellowed out a bit. It's not like I've never gotten stuck in the whirlpool of religious zeal.

The sixth harmonic of awareness comes right after 5ness, and as such it is the antidote for fiveness. All of the harmonics have an antidote, because each one is a whirlpool from which we seek to escape, sooner or later. Since 5ness is change, 6ness is where we go when escaping from having 5ness run our life. This is the same thing as learning to use 5ness as a tool instead of a toy.

Many other descriptions exist for sixness. Simple, balanced appreciation can instead be expressed as gratitude, enjoyment, fun, social interaction, sexual desire, curiosity, and on and on. Obsession, fanaticism, or religious zeal is just another way to give free rein to the fifth chakra and see where it takes you when it becomes your whole life. Unbalanced, overly focused monopolization of your energy by any of the overtones results in an unbalanced life and corresponding inabilities in other areas, due to lack of energy in ignored areas. With all your energy being dumped into religious feeling, it's perfectly normal for your life to fall apart. Then comes burnout and the worst kind of depression, which your fellow religious zealots will tell you is "backsliding".

As a veteran upslider, let me assure you that the balanced use of sixness as a tool is a wonderful thing. Appreciation and gratitude never hurt anybody. And in fact, the act of balancing sixness is equivalent to escaping the sixness whirlpool and landing in the 7ness whirlpool: wisdom. You can never get too much of that, right?

Don't count on it.