UNWORLDING...the art form formerly known as "out-of-body-experience," "astral travel," "lucid dreaming," "phasing," "the quick switch," etc.


(a blog post which will eventually be added to my book Unworlding)

You reached for the secret too soon,
You cried for the moon...

      --Pink Floyd, "Shine on You Crazy Diamond"

This one just fell into my mind whole as a ROTE and I haven't unwrapped the ROTE yet, so let's see what happens.

AssPose stands for "assume the position". In short, you are going to assume your way into the Unworld because you assume anyone can unworld anytime they want and you just don't know any better.

You literally have no idea how hard it is to unworld and you're literally unaware that you have no idea how it's done. This induction is designed by a beginner (me) for beginners. Designed, or I guess "channelled" might be a better way to say it.

There are a variety of scientific, experiential, reported, and/or pseudo-scientific bases for ASSPOSE.

--Milton Erickson, the father of clinical hypnotherapy, showed that if you pretend to go into a deep hypnotic trance complete with amnesia, you will. If you study Ericksonian hypnosis, you will also learn that relaxation is an optional part of induction.

--The Chinese unworlder CosmicIron who can unworld at will with 100% success rate, and who came up with the SSILD induction (Senses Induced Lucid Dreaming), mentions that people who think they have insomnia sometimes are actually in False Awakenings. If they were to perform a reality check, they might discover that they are dreaming of lying in bed unable to sleep. Michael Raduga and others mention similar phenomena of False Awakenings so incredibly realistic that it would be unwise for anyone to jump out of his window to fly (for example) without first proving to himself beyond any shadow of a doubt that he is in fact unworlded.

--Castaneda (wait... the ROTE is still unwrapping... here it comes...) OK it's here. Castaneda with his notion of "pseudo-memories" and many others have suggested, are suggesting, and will suggest that reality is created by the attention we give it. I hate the cliche that we create our reality with our thoughts, as it seems apparent to me that we create our reality with our emotions, usually our fears and then rescue ourselves from fear with our thoughts... but let's avoid belaboring fine semantic points and splitting hairs, and get straight to this recipe itself so the ROTE doesn't get constipated while trying to unrote itself.

But first... as dictated by ROTE unwrapping order...


In performing AssPose, you will be assuming the position of a highly experienced, technically competent unworlder and going from there.

AssPose is accomplished by accepting certain key statements as facts. Do not question whether the AssPose statements are true, and it doesn't even matter whether they're true or not; just assume that they are. The Magic Mindset is thus established automatically. In spite of the possibility that the AssPose statements are not true, no harm is done by carefully pretending to believe them, as long as you don't quit your day job over it. DISCLAIMER: This technique is not for the Weak of Spirit, the Undecided, Psycho Basket Cases, etc.

By practicing AssPose, you are establishing a position from which unworlding will be so seamlessly effortless as to be automatic, so remember to do reality checks as often as you want to.

This last instruction was for people who are sensitive, perceptive and intelligent enough to hate doing reality checks. These folks are onto something intuitively vs. the more anal instant success stories in the field of unworlding who actually enjoy self discipline, and tend to go directly from the starting line to the goal without stopping to sniff the butt of failure most of the time and end up thuswise taking a meandering route to the kind of success that any mere dabbler could somehow end up enjoying. If you are a dabbler like me, here to sniff the daisies and not able to tolerate the feeling of stomping on a few of them in order to get to the finish line the easy, hard way, you should never do a reality check unless you truly are having the sneaking suspicion that you are in an unreality of one kind or another. Instead of peppering your day with reality checks in order to accidentally land one in a receptive moment where the reality check has some effect, be aware that there are only certain receptive moments where reality checks have any effect at all. These moments are called reality check Receptors or just Receptors for short. To the awakened eye, Receptors look like candlestick holders waiting for someone to put a candle in them.

Watch carefully for Receptors, in fact, incubate such moments instead of doing superfluous, boring, useless reality checks; the method for doing so will be given below, as soon as it pops out of this unraveling ROTE. Then without pretense and never because you should, but always because you want to, do reality checks only during moments of receptivity when you genuinely suspect you are unworlded already. That's the definition of "Receptor" in terms of how to recognize it: at that moment, you feel certain that life is a dream. And while we do have our good days from time to time when life feels fleeting and ephemeral, it is normally these magical moments (Receptors) that are fleeting and ephemeral, so one must be ready to do reality checks as soon as a Receptor appears. They are the only reality checks worth doing, and during a Receptor there is no such thing as a bad reality check; any reality check will do, as long as it's safe either way around (don't jump off a high building to see if you're dreaming or not).

Thus the correct ubiquitous day-long practice is not the constant grudging grind of doing reality checks four times an hour as preached by those who think their having bothered to do this has had the desired effect, when in actuality it was their sheer overdoing of it that somehow managed to land an occasional reality check in a waiting Receptor. Nor is the correct ubiquitous day-long practice the equally boring "all day awareness" or ADA (which sounds like the disease it is), in which one notices everything all the time. This works only as long as you continue to enjoy it. All Day Awareness is sometimes more effective than constant reality checks, because it might help those who are ready for it and good at it to generate daytime lucidity which, for those people, will become a personal habit and will thus rub off on dreamtime in the Unworld.

The correct ubiquitous day-long practice for incubating active reality check Receptors is to Breathe More Air Than You Want. See various places in these diatribes wherein the practice of MATIW is explained in detail, not that there's that much to it, and not that I'm ever going to give anyone permission to actually try my breathing technique; doing this is strictly forbidden. The new information from this ROTE so far which is important: MATIW does not induce unworldings, it activates reality check Receptors. Dead (inactive) Receptors are everywhere, in fact that's what the famous 3D Void (the Nowhere) is made out of. Receptor sites. Inactive until activated. That's newly channeled information too, just now came through the pipeline. When you practice MATIW a little, you will open up a few new sites, transforming them into active reality check Receptors. When you practice MATIW a lot, you will activate many reality check Receptors. When you practice MATIW 24/7, you will be able to flow seamlessly into another world, even without leaving this one. This has to be experienced to be believed, and it can't be described, though some would call it "bliss," "living in a high vibe state," etc. And unlike the high vibe state of those who try to force themselves into a high vibe state by being better than other people, the high vibe state of MATIW 24/7 is accompanied by higher vibrations.

When you practice MATIW, active Receptors will be noticed, and you just pop reality checks into them effortlessly, and it's fun.


Practice this technique 24/7. Unlike every other method, you do not have to wait for REM sleep, whatever that is. Sleep is no longer relevant, except that while you are a beginner, you will usually think the best parts of this experience--the "dreams"--occur whilst you're managing to delude yourself into thinking that you've gone to sleep. Advanced practitioners of this technique will no longer take an interest in sleep. I mean really, really advanced. But let's stick with beginner stuff for people like me.

Your instructions, should you choose to adopt AssPose as your way of life, are to make the following assumptions and do not question them. These are NOT beliefs, they are NOT assertions, they are NOT affirmations, and they are NOT mantras. This is not religion, blind faith, metaphysics, philosophy, hallucinations, delusions, visualizations, obsessions, or positive thinking. These are simple, ordinary, generic, Brand X... ASSUMPTIONS. When you practice these assumptions correctly, as assumptions, you are getting close to the edge of the world:

You are already unworlded.

You unworlded recently without noticing.

You unworlded recently and instantly generated a set of pseudo-memories called a "life" to make you think you're in normal waking reality.

You unworlded the first time you tried, however long ago that was, and everything that's happened since has been a series of false awakenings.

You unworlded at birth--your birth was your unworlding--and everything that's happened since has been a series of false awakenings.

The definition of a "moment" is that unit of time during which we are awaiting our next unworlding, which will take place when the next moment begins.

If you make these assumptions correctly, you will become able to unworld at will in seconds whenever you want. It doesn't matter that all of the assumptions are false according to are normal assumptions about reality. These aren't delusions, they are purposeful assumptions which automatically create the mindset of someone who can unworld effortlessly at will anytime with a 100% success rate.


When I was about 13 or 14 years old, back around 1970 or 1971, I had no friends because we'd just moved to a new town and I didn't want any friends anyway, so I had checked out a book from the library called Wisdom of the Mystic Masters by Joseph Weed. It wasn't a very good book, but it was useful for stimulating the imagination, which is what I needed at the time because I was bored and pretending to be lonely so my parents wouldn't think I was crazy.

A short section in the book discussed astral projection, which I had never heard of. I was instantly hooked. I wanted to do this in the worst way, and nothing else in life could ever be this interesting, ever.

I tried the only technique briefly described in the book, which involved visualizing all the colors of the spectrum one at a time while relaxing deeply and going to sleep. This technique made no sense to me, I didn't begin to understand it, but it's all I had to go on at the time.

Unbeknowest to myself, I unworlded effortlessly during my first attempt and never went back to the bored, lonely world I hated. Instead I created a boring, lonely, imaginary duplicate of that world on the astral plane, in which I assumed I had not unworlded. It then became my task to figure out what people need to figure out in order to figure out that we unworlded at birth, we unworld once per moment, and this is all a dream.

A dream which is a prison only as long as we continue to hate it, fight it, or try to fix it.

The effort to meld into an AssPose mind mold can take a while to grab hold, but the result, once successful, is to be able to continue the current existence on the astral plane, without any longer being tied to the illusion of earth existence. Of course death becomes something that happens only to others.

None of the above is true.

I am not lying.

I did not make this up.

For assistance in activating your very first Receptor on purpose, just watch a YouTube video entitled "'Shine On You Crazy Diamond' in Jerusalem (uncut)." Please remember to appreciate some mugwort while watching, if you want the same experience I had. Choline bitartrate works too. But speaking of supplements and other effortless methodology, nothing like that works after the second or third try, and nothing works at all if you're just not in the mood. That's why the best time to turn off the computer, turn off the lights, and meditate for 20 minutes, is right before bed. Never let your body touch your bed in a crappy mood.

And clean your room.