UNWORLDING...the art form formerly known as "out-of-body-experience," "astral travel," "lucid dreaming," "phasing," "the quick switch," etc.


(a blog post which will eventually be added to my book Unworlding)

There is no greater mistake than to try to leap an abyss in two jumps.

      --David Lloyd George

[Terminology update: while editing this chapter I replaced the old term "the Apnea" with the new term "the Urumara" as it's shown on the new map of the Tunnel. Also by now I have stopped calling the 3D blackness or the void "the Nothing" and changed it to "the Nowhere". My "Map of the Unworld" was previously called the "3D Map". Note to self: this chapter maybe should go before the previous mapping chapter. --ed.]

Knowing that the places on my Map of the Unworld are not places but experiences, I became concerned that I'd gotten the Projection Room pinned to the wrong part of my map.

Lately I've been regularly getting into the Projection Room but usually just with my eyes, seeing into the Projection Room "through the Urumara". The result is a Screenshot, a vivid image appearing on a discrete screen which takes up a portion of my otherwise normally dark visual field.

On reviewing Phase Evolution Mike's videos on the direct exit technique for the tenth time, I think I am getting something wrong. It seems that the Urumara is followed directly by the Vertigo, which is the sensation of the 2-3-4's unleashed energy arriving at the Uppers. The actual feeling of going to sleep, as they say. At that point, Mike clearly states that the next thing in line is the Void, or what he thinks must be the Void. This is a state of clarity and total absence of bodily sensation. As soon as he's in the Void, his senses quickly start shutting down, mainly vision and hearing, in either order. He then hears only the Inner Sound Current. One of the things he mentions at this point is the shutting down of Frank Kepple's "stray energy" which is Monroe's Focus 12, which is my "Projection Room".

Mike's "heavy lead blanket and fast heartbeat and possible panic" stage is clearly my "Urumara" and it clearly precedes the Projection Room, which I'm also calling "Beyond Noticing". Now, it seems kinda contrived on my part, at this time, to be saying that you can sit in the Tunnel of Noticing and see through the Urumara into the Projection Room ("Screenshot"). After all, the Urumara is not a hole in a rock wall, it is an experience, an event. The Tunnel is not a tunnel you go through, it is a series of experiences you go through. The stages of sleep. So let's see if I can come up with a more accurate contrivance.

Frank Kepple's stray energy which is Monroe's Focus 12 and my Projection Room, is advanced Noticing, as I call it "Beyond Noticing" since it consists of all kinds of sizzles and pops and knocks and voices which are rare to me at my stage of advancement. Almost non-existent. Only when I go to sleep for a second do I get hypnagogic voices and energy noises. But do these little sleeps include a trip through the Urumara? I thought they did. But I don't know for sure. This whole argument has to be reconsidered in light of the fact that I'm now saying you go thru the Urumara multiple times, each time you get more lucid. Something is going to have to bend: going through the Urumara is not a linear process but a multidimensional experience.

Now consider that when I wake up from a dream in the Projection Room with full-size, full-color, dynamic 3-dimensional images spinning around all over the place, I am perfectly aware of my body and have on occasion even continued seeing the images undilutedly after getting out of bed, walking to my desk, and even opening my eyes a little to take a few notes. This indicates that the Projection Room might be on the Tunnel side of the Urumara. Either that or I can get sleep paralysis without the paralysis and the sleep? But SP is only a part of the Urumara, and if the Urumara is multidimensional, it must come in different forms for different occasions.

So far, much of the evidence seems to suggest that the Projection Room is at the end of the Tunnel; in other words, Beyond Noticing is in the same part of the world (the Tunnel) as the Forced Noticing and Spontaneous Noticing, before you go through the Urumara into the Unworld proper. Going through the Urumara is the same thing as going to sleep, as evidenced also by the Vertigo, which--from Mike's description of it--sounds mighty familiar. As well it might, since I have managed to go to sleep once or twice in my life and probably done so nearly consciously quite a few times, just by accident.

The solution is that the Projection Room has two parts: a waiting room which is still in the tunnel--the Green Room--where the images are like silent movies--and the Projection Room proper which is on the Unworld side of the Urumara. In the Projection Room proper, beside images there are aurages as well as feelages, thinkages, etc. In other words, the Projection Room starts before the Urumara but continues past it. Even in my awesome Beyond Noticing states which I could effortlessly maintain while walking around the room, I heard no bangs in the night, it was straight visual. Then once you are through the Urumara, the Projection Room opens up into its larger experience; you feel your awareness expanding into it, which is the Vertigo. Now you are beyond the Green Room into the multi-sensory version of the Projection Room, which I have been calling "Surround Sound" while looking for a better name.

So let's say for now that the Projection Room surrounds, includes and encompasses the Urumara, starting before and ending after the Urumara. Mike says he loses the "stray energy" which is Surround Sound or Beyond Noticing when he enters the Void. This places the Urumara--the opening of the Tunnel--inside the Projection Room.

An item of curiosity which will become important when I get that far along in my practice is that it is apparently only when he is in the Nowhere (the Void) that Mike reports the Vibes etc. He gives two basic approaches to unworlding fully from the Void. 1) Use a visualization that induces the sense of motion to unworld suddenly to a random location, or 2) Wait in mental silence, going further and further inside yourself (inside the Void?), till the Vibes start; once they smooth out, you will have astral vision and be able to roll out etc. So it sounds like the sense of motion, vibes, seeing through the eyelids, etc. are experiences that take place in the Projection Room proper. And all of this process--the Urumara, the waiting room or Green Room, and the Projection Room proper--is part of the Nowhere and governed by it. Which is your heart chakra.

As to "where is the Projection Room exactly?" Looking at the old, outdated Tunnel map:

It seems to me like the Urumara should be the final outlet and the Vertigo should be an experience of sudden expansion that takes place in the open area past that opening, such that popping out of the Urumara is like taking a giant leap into a chasm or into the void, the Nowhere. Obviously you feel the Vertigo state when you are right at the edge preparing to leap or when you just took the leap. Alternately, the Vertigo might be lumped in with the other feelages such as vibes, rolling out, floating up, which seem to be located in the Projection Room just past the Urumara.

The small straight tube at the end of the Tunnel would then become the silent movies or Green Room portion of Beyond Noticing (oddly enough I recently saw an old black-and-white Laurel and Hardy movie scene on a Screenshot). This is equivalent to seeing an image reflected off of the Nowhere itself, that is, when you look down the tube at the Urumara, the opening into the Nowhere, you see images reflected off of the surface of the Nowhere. So your distance from the end of the Tunnel (the Urumara) will determine whether you are seeing a relatively small Screenshot, a relatively large Screenshot, or 3-dimensional, dynamic, full-size images that occupy the whole screen. The latter being when you are standing right at the Urumara with your nose pressed against the glass with images reflected off the Nowhere occupying your whole field of vision.

So as soon as you arrive at the straight tube, you are Beyond Noticing, viewing a Screenshot. Halfway through the tube, the Screenshot is bigger. When you are right at the Urumara, the image can come off the screen and surround you three-dimensionally. I've had this happen when I was completely awake, walking around, opening my eyes a little to take notes. I do not see images without making an effort to get to that state, or waking up in REM, so normally what I describe above would only happen if I woke up right in the middle of a dream and managed to keep the dream energy running through my body while remaining awake.

Referring to the main map at the top of this page, I'm thinking the Projection Room could be shown as a bubble that encompasses the final, straight portion of the Tunnel and pushes into the dark blue Projection Room area of the beach ball on the Map of the Unworlds which I showed surrounded by the black Nowhere. The part of the Projection Room that extends into the Unworld or the larger bubble is the Surround Sound area or main part of the Projection Room where you get more than images, you get sounds and other sensations too (aurages, feelages, etc.)

I see now that the screen upon which these images of Beyond Noticing are shown is the surface of the Unworld itself, which is the Nowhere since all unworlding environments are arrived at by going through the Nowhere to get there. So the Projection Room can be depicted as a bubble on the surface of the Nowhere, which is itself the surface of the Unworld, in fact it is the surface of any discrete state that you can enter, since you have to go through the Nowhere to get anywhere.

The other thing I can say about this model is that the Green Room is a sort of waiting room for wanna-be unworlders and can be experienced before going to sleep after a successful Noticing session, but the main part of the Projection Room, the multi-sensory Surround Sound chamber, is generally experienced after going to sleep consciously.

Does it go without saying that the Urumara is the exact moment of transition from awake to asleep? It takes a real WILDer to do that consciously. But if this map is accurate, the Urumara is the portion of the Nowhere covered by the Tunnel opening, making it your personal route to your personal Unworld. As part of the Nothing, it could have a thickness (time experience duration) of zero. Which is the same thing as going through it with your eyes closed (unconsciously). Thus the assertion that experiencing sleep paralysis, Vibes and other sensations is not necessary to getting unworlded. Being optionally experienced doesn't mean these things aren't real or that they are not really on the route to unworlding.

As for the notion of the thickness of the 3-dimensional Nowhere being optionally zero? I got that from a Big Dream, which I quote from my journal. This dream occurred when I was in the hospital and coincided with the time during which my platelet count was plummeting due to dengue fever:

2016-10-05 4:00 am

[I had been warned that the nurse would be back to take my vitals at 4 a.m. Or so I thought. Actually, she had told Jovie she would skip the 4 a.m. vitals to let me sleep, and Jovie didn't tell me, all I heard was "4 o'clock" so I thought she was coming at 4:00 and halfway stayed awake for it so she wouldn't wake me up. Which led to an amazing nearly lucid Big Dream.]

"And at Five o'clock, Tune in for Four of the Three Stooges"

Having already seen the incredible productions of a certain Hollywood mastermind involving the portrayal of the first and middle in the three-part series entitled [something like] Seasons of the Day, I am happily pleased to see as I wander through the mall looking for the ATM machine, that the final installment of this artsy-fartsy film trilogy has been completed, and is now showing on the edge of time itself! Which happens to be right over by where I'm standing. I walk over to the impromptu movie screen, which is just a stretch of space blocking the mall corridor in the bank so that people outside doing ATM transactions are literally straddling the time barrier by doing so.

The movie starts at 5:00 and is entitled Darkness. The screen itself is the whole show. It is immaterial, non-physical, yet you can see it clearly because it is made of a pure black cloud of exactly zero thickness. With the strange effect of making the screen perfectly clear and pure black at the same time. This is quite fascinating and people are testing the device to see that, sure enough, if it's yesterday outside the bank, and you toss your smart phone or laptop into the bank through the night depository, it gets sucked into the bank through the magical screen, where it's already today! Someone I know and trust tries this and sure enough, the screen of pure black mist of exactly zero thickness rides exactly upon the edge of tomorrow.

And as if that don't beat all, here come the Three Stooges too, all four of them, linked arm-in-arm. Striding into the bank with great officiousness, wanting to test this magical mystery screen for themselves. I am thrilled to see them, I can't wait to see them step through the screen. When they get to the screen, they are facing me, we are on opposite sides of the screen from each other and they are now doing their clown act, dithering clumsily about actually going through the now invisible screen, but this whole act is done telepathically, for my benefit only, while the visible versions of them continue to act quietly pompous. I telepathically tell them how much I love them, and Curly telepathically responds, "I ain't so fond of the Three Stooges." I say out loud, "C'mon Curly Joe," and I jump through the now forgotten screen onto his back and start pulling his ears. The Stooges crumple to the floor, made of air, and I fall on top of their crumpled forms laughing as they evaporate.

Above: The name Huntsman's Leap derives from local Welsh folklore. A hunter on horseback is said to have jumped from one side of the chasm to the other whilst being pursued. On looking back and seeing the gap that he had jumped, he died of shock. (Wikipedia article "Huntsman's Leap")

photo credit: By Colin Park, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=37887788