UNWORLDING...the art form formerly known as "out-of-body-experience," "astral travel," "lucid dreaming," "phasing," "the quick switch," etc.


(a blog post which will eventually be added to my book Unworlding)

I am outdoors and see a light in the sky. I am told that I must turn my head away if the light is to descend upon me. I am aware that I am dreaming. I bow my head. The ground around me becomes illuminated by the brilliant orb. I begin to be afraid as it nears me. I look up, and it withdraws into the sky. The process is repeated, but I fail my fear. I awaken. (1974)

      --G. Scott Sparrow, Lucid Dreaming: Dawning of the Clear Light

Getting back to that still-unnamed "Whatchacall". The previous attempt was a meandering road to nowhere, I still have no name for this thing and "Projection Room"--while it might be one of the states made accessible by the "Act of Detachment" as I used to call it--is only one of many states thus made accessible.

So... Whatchacall it is?

I used to call it the Act of Detachment, didn't I just say that? And, back when I used to call it that, what was the purpose of engaging in the Act itself?

Well, I was trying to manifest. Like a check in the mail, for example, way back when I had a mail order business, many decades ago. I had to walk to town two miles every day to check my mail, and if I was able to not wonder once whether there would be a check in the mail, during the entire two-mile trek, then a check there would be. You can imagine how seldom that happened.

But the Act of Detachment does work, it does free up manifestation. I have not studied the so-called Law of Attraction because I feel that to do so would be the opposite of the Act of Detachment, but I'd bet anything that part of the Law of Attraction, if I were to study it, would turn out to be something like an act of detachment.

What I'm getting at is that I've known all along what this detachment is supposed to be good for. It's the secret key to getting some certain item, object, or event lined up first in Intent. Now that's something I think I understand. If you want to know what you intend, wait for something to happen, and that's what you were intending. The Remote Mind is in charge of lining stuff up in Intent. The 2-3-4 mind is not allowed to participate in this, because it doesn't know how and can't learn. With solid values based on firm identities as the basis of life's frameworks, how could the conscious mind help us do magic? The 2-3-4 is geared for doing everything the hard way, by the sweat of its aching back.

The Remote Mind, on the other hand, has a good grip on stuff like lining things up in Intent. While the conscious mind wastes its time and energy trying to force it's supposed intentions to become realities, what's really going to be real is well known to the Remote Mind because lining stuff up in Intent is what the Remote Mind is good at. The Remote Mind can line stuff up in Intent all day.

What I'm saying then is that while a good streak of Projection Room screenings can come about as an unusually consistent ability to balance focus and detachment while Noticing, the name of the actual phenomenon that allows this to take place is just Intent. When you balance focus and detachment, then that means that your conscious desire (the 2-3-4) and the Remote Mind (5-6-7-8) are suddenly working cooperatively, together lining things up in Intent. So what is the key to merging your conscious desires with Intent?

Wanting what your Remote Mind wants!


In my breathwalking this evening as it was getting dark, the answer came to me. The balance of focus and detachment is also not Intent. Intent is still the fifth harmonic of awareness, change, the principle that enables change and will to play together with good results. What I'm looking for is a term that refers to a state of being that allows the will (what you want or wish) and the Intent (what actually happens) to merge effectively. We already know that this is an Act of Detachment, a Balancing of Focus and Detachment. I was told what I will be calling it while I was breathing so much air that it was hard to walk straight. This did not come from my conscious mind.

"Whatchacall" was a pretty good hint, because it was the terminology of a homeless dude whose lifestyle was a parody of attachment: his house was a shopping cart. In my dreams, I have discovered a character who can frequently fly and do other feats because he is habitually in the right state of mind to be able to do these things. He cares without caring. He is focused without being insistent. He is confident in himself without a trace of arrogance. He shows off his abilities with a pure sense of humor. His name is Limberluck.

We now have a proper terminology for the state of being which allows you to not only Notice (for example) a bit of color on the back of your closed eyelids, but to continue seeing until it's a complete scene and you can step into it and participate lucidly. Castaneda called this seeing. I call it Limberluck.

Naaah. Not good enough. It's close but not right yet. It's too important to go eenie-meenie-miney-moe and just pick something. Unlike most terminologies, this one doesn't even exist. There is no single word anywhere for the balance between focus and detachment that matches your will to Intent. There still isn't.

Limberlucid? Naaah. Oh well, it's gonna take another chapter.

As an example of this unnamable principle in action, here is a recent pair of lucid episodes directly from my dream journal.

2017-01-12 3:30 am

[Me and lucidity were made for each other, the time is now. Back to sleep in dream bed with dream mask.]

[This page reserved for lucidity. I know who I am. I am dream.]

5:45 am

[It worked. I got lucid twice in a row in quick succession. First I will record the dreams then I will discuss practices/mindset of yesterday.]

In a big, dark, used Bookstore with my family (no visual). The others only have so much time till we leave for me to fiddle around in Bookstores, and we leave. This is the City, ident is NW 23rd St. Portland. But for me instead of for yuppies. We pass used Bookstores at least twice and these places call out to me, but I don't want to slow the others down by dawdling. I'm sure my dad would be willing to buy me some books since I as an adult have no money, same as if I was a child. What I'd really like is if he would get me a hotel room so I could come back to this colorful street of books tomorrow by myself and give this place the attention it deserves. [Sevenness and Sixness merging.]

We've walked past awesome-looking Bookstores on the left and on the right, with me imagining running in for just a second to check my section of interest, while the others WAIT OUTSIDE [the Apnea] watching the clock, condescendingly indulging me while they fidget. Never mind. I'd rather skip the whole thing. I give up. [Detachment + Focus = Intent.]

At a Bookstore on the left side of the street which I'm willing to pass up, my brother spots a Book he thinks I would like and points it out to my dad. The books are displayed outside on the sidewalk so we DON'T HAVE TO GO IN [seeing into the Projection Room through the Apnea].

The book he picks up is a big BLACK old bible-like pump technicians' manual with the cover covered in gold-leaf letters by the long, ostentatious title, something like "What Every Pump Man Really Really Has to Know About Pumps" or some such clever wording designed to get my attention. [Pumps are 5ness, the Nothing, which sucks us in from one dream environment and pumps us out into a different dream environment. Black is also the Nothing.] I think THAT'S ODD, I never heard of a technical book from those days using flippant titles. I want to see it, but my bro has it in his hand and instead of getting it and passing it to me, my dad grabs the book that was under it, which has a faded RED cover but is on the same topic, and just as old, and hands it to me. I'm disappointed that he gave me the wrong book, but I flip through it anyway.

At this point, the family [my soul retinue] and the environment disappear [we merge] and all my FOCUS is on the page [I've gone through the Apnea].

The first thing that catches my eye on the page is a line drawing picture of a guy on some contraption similar to a motorcycle but amounting to an invention. The caption mentions AIR, so I'm interested. I wonder if I'd be allowed to photocopy the page instead of buying the book. I give up on that idea quickly because I don't want to stoop to begging. I study the illustration MORE CAREFULLY. The inventor is given some sort of cutesy name like "Mad Mike" and it's said that he drove his flying motorcycle right into the ocean more than once. That's funny, but my interest in air cars doesn't include flying cars, just the ones that are powered by compressed AIR with engines and wheels. Then I see that, besides the rudimentary dodo wings affixed to the sides of the motorcycle, there is in fact a powerful fan at the rear of the machine that's obviously what makes it go. I imagine the thing actually being able to FLY and then I see that the fan is actually running right there on the page of the book!

And I become lucid, [remember to release the dream plot, the book is gone and I'm in the NOTHING and I remember reading somewhere that I should stay calm and move slowly, but I consequently FREEZE UP (back on the wrong side of the Apnea) and don't know what to do. As I think about the blank that is my mind in a dark gray Nothing, I become aware of being in my bed with a dry mouth wanting to pee. I know from experience that I can ignore those urges and squeeze a few more drops from this experience, in spite of momentarily letting the emotion of disappointment overwhelm me. I think even if I have to get up in five minutes, there's still time for another lucid dream. I wonder if the vibes in my arms and hands are real, because my hands are on my chest and maybe it's just a numbess from lack of circulation. I decide it would be better to put my hands down by my side than to worry about it, so I do that. Then I remember to almost ignore the vibes instead of fretting and stewing about what to do with them. I always feel vibes when I wake up straight out of a dream. Then I remember to clap and rub my dream hands, so I do that a few times, and I'm] back in the Bookstore.

It's nice and bright with daylight coming in a BIG FRONT WINDOW not far from me on my right. I pick up a thin BLACK pump manual and start reading about another WACKO INVENTOR. The short paragraph I'm reading is in BOLD print, so I can FOCUS on it better. I see the words "con man," but look again, and this changes to "thin man" or something nonsensical, which I take to be the inventor's nickname. I become lucid again [and am immediately aware of lying in my bed. I ask Whirly to help me because I don't know what to do. I decide to try and go back to sleep, which I am able to do.]

[The mindset of yesterday which led to this was of confidence, knowing I would unworld. The confidence was real, unforced. It came about as a result of Living in the Reality Check.]