UNWORLDING...the art form formerly known as "out-of-body-experience," "astral travel," "lucid dreaming," "phasing," "the quick switch," etc.


(a blog post which will eventually be added to my book Unworlding)

The truth is not always beautiful, nor beautiful words the truth.

      --Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

There are quite a few long books available based on the notion that The One, The Tao, The Universe, The Source, The [Fill In The Blank] from which springs everything is infinite, undescribable, all-knowing, and unlimited. For example, calling It "God" or "He"--even with a capital H--would practically be an insult of understatement. That's page one, then the other 300+ pages are an attempt to define the undefinable.

So, in light of the fact that infinity is not describable in its entirety, no matter how many words are spewed attempting it, I want to do it as succinctly as possible.

We sit in this stew of infinite detail trying to grok What underlies it all. We call It God or Whatever, see the list above. We do this over and over, describing the Indescribable to a degree which is as pointless as it is boring.

So I'll be quick, and almost everything below this point is my opinion (so what else is new): Oneness is Everythingness is Nothingness is Awareness is Existence Itself. Even many scientists, despite years of brainwashing, now agree that everything we humans experience springs forth from Consciousness, but let's drop the Capital Letters. I'd like to reserve those for The Details... Which I Find More Interesting. The one thing science has been unable to prove about the brain is science's most basic assumption about the brain: the silly notion that it somehow generates consciousness. Science doesn't have a clue how any such thing could ever happen. Until science starts playing by its own rules and proves that brain creates awareness and not the other way around, it's safe to assume that awareness is a basic--if not the basic element of reality, as there doesn't seem to be anything underlying it.

From chemistry we get the notion of elements which are basic to all matter. For example, hydrogen and oxygen, as H2O, are the elements which make up water. There is not a level of matter more basic than molecules, the units of single elements, and science does somewhat reluctantly remind itself from time to time that atoms and their constituents are not matter, but Something Else Entirely. When it comes to sub-atomic physics, or particle physics, I'll just say that, from linguistics to physics and probably some points between, the word "particle" just means "whatchacall".

As for the worlds we seem to live in, it seems apparent to most metaphysicians and even possibly physicists that vibration is basic to reality in some way. Perhaps we humans are in a mode which is best described using terms from vibration science and musical acoustics. So my idea is not that original, as I am using well-known scientific facts such as elements and vibrational phenomena as the analog for my analysis of reality, which I call "Synfonemia". I've called it that for maybe 35 to 40 years by now.

My key point is this: While oneness or infinite awareness is the elemental raw material for absolutely everything else that exists or could exist including nothingness, the impossible, etc. ad nauseaum, whatever made anyone think that there can only be one element to existence? Sure the details are all an illusion, that's well established, but do the details not have structure and other describable features? Heck yeah, they do. So my first act upon inventing or discovering Synfonemia decades ago was to posit the elements of reality as consisting of not only oneness, but also twoness, threeness, fourness, etc.

Then it remained to say more about what, in general, these elements are. Well it seems that if raw, pure awareness is the raw material underlying all of reality, then the acts of awareness must constitute the other elements of reality. And what does awareness do? It thinks and stuff. So the other elements are going to turn out to be basic kinds of applied awareness, categories of thoughts or "conceptual phenomena" which combine and recombine to form more complex thoughts which constitute the realities we experience. Therefore, if you go through a dictionary and collect all words that refer to concepts instead of matter, you should be able to prove that each of those words is a combination of a small number of basic thought elements in combination with each other. I actually went through a dictionary once and made this list by hand, but I have lost the list by now.

By going through various age-old philosophical frameworks it was easy to determine that the first four elements of existence are infinity or awareness (1ness), separation or identity (2ness), connection or association (3ness), and order or arrangement (4ness). With each of these elements as impossible to describe perfectly as oneness, I have only used two glosses for each element above, because the list of imperfect descriptions that orbits around the actual element itself grows long quickly.

The explanation for why these elements, like oneness or infinity, cannot be described perfectly, lies in the vibration analogy. In acoustics, we have something called a harmonic or overtone. While the first harmonic of a sound, the fundamental tone itself, is usually the loudest and thus the sound we refer to when naming the sound, every physical object that makes a sound actually makes many sounds, called harmonics, that exist simultaneously. So what I'm saying is that for the twoness etc. to exist, the underlying oneness must exist as its source energy. If you pluck a G string on a guitar, the G is the fundamental tone, but there is a higher G, not as loud as the fundamental, which sounds at the same time. There is a whole series of harmonics, all sounding at the same time, which are real sounds that actually make a big difference in the quality of the tone. For example, a G played on an oboe and the same G played on a flute sound very different. The difference in tonal quality is due to certain harmonics getting more of the sound energy than others. So tone is a kind of profile or configuration among relative strengths of the various harmonics.

Overtones are the same thing as harmonics, but they are numbered differently. The fundamental is the first harmonic, but it isn't an overtone because there's nothing under it, so the first overtone is the second harmonic.

Above a certain harmonic, there are harmonics that are inaudible because they don't channel enough of the fundamental's original sound energy to be heard. I have stopped at nineness because I only have ten fingers to count on and I need one kept free for poking people in the eye if they try to disagree with me about anything.

This all happens within what we subjectively hear as one tone. If you play the G string and then stop it completely by laying your arm along the string, all the harmonics will stop along with the fundamental. But if you touch it exactly in the center and then pluck one half of the string, a higher G at the pitch of the string's second harmonic will sing out loud and clear and the fundamental will be blocked from sounding at all. If you cut the G string with a wire cutter, you can't play any of its harmonics.

The reason that each harmonic of awareness can only be described tangentially is that awareness is infinite, so its harmonics are also infinite. It's impossible to describe infinity completely; you can only talk around it.

That's about all we need to know about acoustics, except resonance which is covered in other chapters. The main point is that the elements of reality are, unlike the elements in chemistry, vibrational in nature. The main point of difference between Synfonemia and its acoustical analogy is that in Synfonemia, oneness--the fundamental energy of existence--is not considered to be a vibration. Oneness is much more unknowable than that. This world we live in is thought to be generated by the original vibration, which is twoness, the first overtone. Vibrations or waves explicitly and uncontroversially account for sound, electricity, light and surfing; that's a pretty good chunk of our world. Some scientists also admit that all motion is unsteadiness started by a disturbance of an equilibrium state, thus can also be described as acoustical in nature. If you look at the diagram of the first four harmonics, you will see what it is about vibration that is dualistic, dichotomous, or twolike. In the middle of the wave is a horizontal line representing equilibrium, or zero sound volume. The intensity or volume or amplitude of a vibration is the measure of the difference between equilibrium and the high or low peaks above or below the line. For every high there is a low. That is twoness.

It's no wonder that most ancient traditions refer to creation as a sound. This is a correct intuitive gathering by the ancients. The Hebrew and Christian scriptures talk about the Word of God moving across the void and all that jazz. The Hindu religion talks about the OM, which Sikhs call EK ONG KAAR, which translates literally to Oneness Creating Form by means a Cosmic Sound Current. The sound current of creation can be heard hiding behind all other sounds if you learn to listen for it, and it is often heard loudly during an unworlding experience or just prior to one. Those who say it's "just tinnitus" have no explanation for why it's heard so loudly sometimes when unworlding. I do have an explanation. And as a piano tuner, I can testify that harmonics are audible. In spite of initial reluctance on my part to believe that they actually existed, I had to learn to hear them or I wouldn't get paid. Sometimes I didn't get paid anyway.

Remember the oboe and flute example? Each of the harmonics of awareness has an individual volume control. If the inner sound or cosmic sound current is a manifestation of twoness at a primal level, then it gets louder sometimes, like right around separation of awareness from its usual setting. Perfectly normal behavior for a harmonic.

I have kept the musical acoustician's confusing double-numbering system of harmonics vs. overtones (example: the 4th harmonic is the 3rd overtone) because the nine harmonics have a set meaning while the seven overtones correspond to the seven chakras or energy centers of the human form. The chakras and overtones correspond to the seven colors of the visible spectrum, and the individual meanings of the nine harmonics are based on traditional numerology of the most common kind, which has only nine digits.

In Synfonemia, oneness and nineness are not overtones or chakras because they are different from the other seven harmonics. Oneness is not vibrational energy, that starts with twoness, the first overtone. Oneness is energy itself, in its raw form. Nineness is beyond the human form as it is a manifestation of that rare and magic moment when the seven chakras or overtones or dream bodies are working together in perfect harmony. Nineness forms as a flying body of air, a synthesis of the seven dream bodies, which is free to go anywhere in the universes because all the energy at the individual's disposal is being shared cooperatively and equally among his seven dream bodies.

So really it is the seven overtones with their individually adjustable volume controls that serve as the elements of reality, world and unworld. Your reality then is not basically what you sense, that's just a visual, auditory, tactile, etc. reflection, a holographic projection of the underlying reality configuration. Basic reality configurations are created and changed by tweaking the knobs. Since the fourth overtone or heart chakra is change at its essence, it's in charge of freeing us from our rigid, habit-bound settings and allowing us into other worlds. This is the void, the Nothing that is the door to everything. The Nothing sits between the 2-3-4 mind/body/world (the first three overtones) and the last three overtones, which I call the Uppers: 6ness, 7ness, and 8ness. Normally 2-3-4 forms the conscious mind and the world it lives in by hogging most of the energy available from the source, due to habits formed in reaction to fear, our first experience as individuals. Unworlding is accomplished by robbing a lot of the conscious mind's cement, its overused, wasted energy, and giving it to the Uppers. All of this is explained in more detail throughout my book Unworlding.

The diagram below will help to put all this together in a more coherent framework. The Mr. Potato Head shape represents the configuration of the human form, and the pretty pictures with no labels represent unworlding configurations with all our dream bodies working together cooperatively to experience god knows What.