UNWORLDING...the art form formerly known as "out-of-body-experience," "astral travel," "lucid dreaming," "phasing," "the quick switch," etc.


(a blog post which will eventually be added to my book Unworlding)

The more complex the network is, the more complex its pattern of interconnections, the more resilient it will be.

      --Fritjof Capra

The world is formed initially from 2ness. Not existence in its raw energetic form; that's awareness, basic undifferentiated oneness. But without pieces there is no world. The 2nd harmonic of awareness sees not the infinity behind everything, but infinite things covering infinity from sight. The separateness or things of the world come in a variety of categories: objects, places, individuals, circumstances, events, emotions. These are all expressions of twoness.

Twoness is a basis of the 2-3-4 mind/body/world. As its own second harmonic, awareness expresses itself as individuals. To define an individual is to define his world as everything that is not him. To define a different individual is to define his world as different from the first guy's world. And since twoness is a harmonic of infinite awareness, the two worlds are infinitely different. Even where their worlds intersect, differences will be noted from one person's world to another's. Since we're talking about infinity, difference of perspective, at some level, is absolute.

This is not a problem, it doesn't need a solution, and the universe is not broken. But let me be the first to tell you, the human form (2-3-4) is a madhouse, without notable exception.

Threeness is also a basis of 2-3-4. So is fourness. You might say that the lower three chakras create the world and the others save us from it.

Threeness as the third harmonic of awareness is when awareness sees everything as connections. The things, the reflections of twoness, get attached to each other. Agreements are made, making the world more solid. Meanings are attached among separate things, solidifying beliefs. Things are sensed and perceived into an agreed-upon reality. Memories attach us to the past and expectations attach us to the future.

Finally, for the purposes of 2-3-4, the connections (3ness) among things (2ness) are arranged in systems, in order. Ordering is 4ness, such as time which orders separate moments. Each moment is a world while we're experiencing it and a memory a moment later. Culture establishes values, another version of 4ness, and markets establish a different kind of values. In our times of engineered obsolescence we see markets replacing cultures, but it's all 4ness.

The 2-3-4 is the powerhouse that creates our worlds. It's a big job, but someone's gotta do it. Your 2-3-4--your conscious mind--creates your body and the world it appears to cavort in. My 2-3-4 creates my body and world. Once per moment, a new world comes into being and the old one, which I believed so strongly in one moment ago, no longer exists except as a memory. Science in all its grandeur cannot prove it ever existed. It can be conjectured that perhaps some evidence exists that the past might have existed, but that breaks up into distinctions of doubtfulness finer-grained than I can take seriously. Even physics, the science of reality itself, is finding more and more evidence that we are experiencing something more like a dream than the real reality we think we're experiencing. Not that any phsyicist would say it right out loud like that.

Never quite getting a handle on 3ness is a case of not being able to see the forest for the trees. Everyone knows that the third dimension is physicality, the realest reality, the solid one. What we need to figure out is that 3ness is more than just solidity, and in apprehending this, we see it isn't solid after all, but the perception of solidity, or whatever else we can think of to call it. It is the 3rd harmonic of infinite awareness. It is central to our construction, our creation, our functioning, it's not just physical matter. How this works needs to be explained. Maybe by someone smarter than me, but I won't be stopped from trying.

Take for example a circumstance and me. I am an individual (2ness) and the circumstance is also a distinct thing, also 2ness. The circumstance is that my wife's nephew hates me and since he's a spiteful, evil pest, he will do anything to destroy me. Eventually, if I live long enough, he might even kill me. As a six foot tall 14-year-old who has been out of control socially and emotionally since he was old enough to walk, he might kill me tomorrow because I looked at him cross-eyed tonight. That is the circumstance. It's a fairly true circumstance, fraught as it is with opinion and emotion, but it's truer than I wish it was. Anyway, the circumstance is a thing and I am a thing. We are two things.

Along comes 3ness, full of energy as usual, wanting to do what 3ness does, which is to connect one thing to another. What we're talking about now is not the details of the circumstance, but my reaction to it, my relationship to it, what meaning I attach to it. "Reaction," "relationship," "meaning," and "attach" are all 3ness. A big part of 2-3-4 is personality, which is just a bundle of habits. According to my personality, depending on what that personality is, I might attach no meaning to the circumstance in question and go about my business, not letting it affect me. Or I might thrash in bed all night punching the wall unable to sleep because the boy is driving me crazy. It goes without saying that I'm letting him drive me crazy, by attaching myself to the circumstance in question. Attaching with what? Meaning. Attach and meaning are both 3ness. To me, since I can't sleep for fear my nephew is going to cause me problems regularly the rest of my life, I am angry and afraid. I am attaching heavy, emotional, fearsome meanings to the circumstance. But an attachment has two ends. One end is attached to the circumstance. What does the other end attach to? Me. And who is doing the attaching? Me.

Choosing among an infinite variety of possible meanings, I choose meaning 29584 to attach myself to the circumstance. Does the boy make me do this? No, he can't control himself, much less me. He could ruin my life but I doubt he'd do it without my participation, to be perfectly honest. His span of attention is probably not equal to the task. So why do I choose meaning 29584 to place between myself and the circumstance? Do I like laying in bed slamming my fist into the mattress making my little boy cry because it appears I hate his cousin? Well, not to change the subject or anything, but "like" is another version of 3ness. Two different things are attached, associated, by being like each other. They are related according to their associations, their similarities. They resonate, they match. This is all 3ness. Associations, relationships, similarities, likenesses, resonance, matchings and likings.

So what? Does this funhouse ever stop giving us the run-around?

No. That's what I'm trying to teach us here tonight. The funhouse is here for those who need a place to be. For those whose bloated 2-3-4 minds need to be with others of their kind, to bounce off each others' reflections, till they get it, get over it, and get gone.

The reason I choose to employ meaning 29584 to attach myself to the unfortunate circumstance in question is that my 2-3-4 is a gobblesome gorger of melodrama, an adrenalin fiend, an intensity addict. In a year or two, if d'Boy and I are both still alive, I will have a relatively flat emotional response to what happened tonight. But his 2-3-4 is a shrieker too, and he might kill me tomorrow. He might steal a gun from one of his uncles and kill me dead. But that's beside the point, in a way.

The point is that I know that we are all confined here because this is a gobbler farm, a nuthouse for individuals whose 2-3-4 is out of control in one way or another, and because of that, our bloated 2-3-4 sucks the energy out of the Uppers (the higher chakras), resulting in a pathologically dualistic, solid, overly structured world that imprisons us simply due to the fact that it is our experience, it is our state of mind reflected as our world, it is our habit, it's all we know.

I will not entertain the notion that there are normal people in this world. From a distance, some of them seem normal and harmless. That's why I keep them at a distance. And when I don't, I get someone like d'Boy crawling up my shirt. The question remains, what should I do differently?

Obviously, don't attach meaning 29584 between myself and the circumstance in question. Why? Because I want to get unworlded. I don't want to spend 24 hours a day in this prison. Of course I really don't, but when I do get to go away and experience expanded realities, I want to make the most of those realities. I want to change my present experience of what is now lots of relatively meaningless dreams and a few lucid moments. I want, instead, to have a lot of lucid experiences instead of relatively meaningless dreams.

What if you were confined in a creepy, nasty, dangerous mental institution and you gradually became aware that you could control whatever it was that got you in there? What if you realized it would be not only possible, but actually pretty easy, if you were to do some of the right things fairly consistently. Here is how you do it. You develop a mental model of what it's like to be free. You emulate that mental model until it starts to free you. You adjust it here or there till it works even better. You keep it up and never forget your goal. One day you look up and you're free. The dream has changed. That's how it works.

Now if you're one of those people who thinks we live in a great society and everything's hunky dory, great. Fine and dandy. You are in the right place. 'Cause the human form is a nuthouse and you are flippin' nuts.

For the rest of you, there must be some reason you wanna get the heck outta here as far away and as often as possible. As a wanna-be unworlder my whole life, I can imagine what some of those reasons might be. So let's explore the role of 3ness and how an understanding of 3ness can help you detach and fly free of this place. This 2-3-4 state of mind. Don't worry, we're not gonna explore it for long. You'll either get it or you won't.

The things of this world are not us. We most often do not have to attach to them in any way. When circumstances force us to relate to them in some way, we can choose a minimalistic set of attachments. That's OK. I'm not talking about divorcing the whole human race, because killing my 2-3-4 is nowhere on my agenda. It is a powerhouse, it creates realities, I need it to create a reality elsewhere. An expanded set of realities for a new kind of existence that I envision for myself.

But returning to the example of my wife's nephew, I am ready now to detach from life's petty annoyances, because I want unworlding more than I want the adrenalin rush of feeling righteously indignant, a.k.a. overblowingly and self-importantly annoyed. I want unworlding more than I want the melodrama of continuously indulging a mountains-out-of-molehills personality. The 2-3-4's only problem is that it does too much of what it does well. Attachment is a big waste of energy.

If you don't know what I'm talking about or want more information, you should read Chogyam Trungpa's book on Dream Yoga. It contains some really sensible information about what meditation and karma (cause and effect) really are, in a practical sense. I'm going to stop here because I don't want to try and sound like an expert when I am really a beginner.

Last night I wrote in my dream journal, at the top of a blank page, "This page is reserved for lucid dreams." Today that page describes two lucid dreams. That is what I want my life to be like. That is what I want guiding me as I bounce off the other humans that co-occupy this crazy world with me.

Without a usable mindset for escaping the melodrama and madness of the human form, our minds occupy their default position: the physical world through the overly worried filters of the human perspective. This is because the mind wants to own and control everything it sees, and that's what this particular configuration is all about. Detach from as much of it as possible. That's all I can say. If you don't understand, I will have to learn more so I can describe it better.

One last word that also means 3ness: matter. The solid, real world seems to be made of matter, does it not?

What really matters to you? To me, it's unworlding. Join me, and we can escape together. Or stay here in this madhouse and talk about me when I'm gone. Suit yourself. It doesn't matter to me.