UNWORLDING...the art form formerly known as "out-of-body-experience," "astral travel," "lucid dreaming," "phasing," "the quick switch," etc.


(a blog post which will eventually be added to my book Unworlding)

Well I never been to Heaven,
but I been to Oklahoma.
Well they tell me I was born there,
but I really don't remember.
In Oklahoma, born in a coma,
what does it matter, it really doesn't matter.

      --Hoyt Axton, "Never Been to Spain"

The stages of unworlding as per the 3d map and the 7 chakras/dreambodies are not the same thing. They are two interacting systems, with the Seven being the more basic as a building block of all experience, while the 3d map pertains specifically to a certain variety of experience caused by a certain adjustment of the chakras. That adjustment is a purposeful sharing of energy among the Seven, a.k.a. balancing the chakras a.k.a. the miruvorning vroombelleration a.k.a. unworlding of the preferred sort.

The process under consideration consists of escaping the whirlpool of 4ness, which refers to a coveted event called Opening the Floodgates of Change. This is not about changing or improving yourself, it's about energizing 5ness, which loosely glosses as "the essence of change or flow as an irreducible element of reality" and 5ness also occurs as intent, the energy that causes change to happen. Opening the Floodgates of Change energizes 5ness, the 4th chakra, the heart chakra, with energy allowed to escape from the 2-3-4 prison world. At this point the energy could get stuck in 5ness but the idea is to just let it keep moving up through all the chakras, holding only a balanced portion in the heart chakra and allowing the rest to flood up into the last three chakras to be shared out equally among them. The heart chakra thus becomes the Way Out of Prison, with awareness riding the tidal wave that occurs when the 2-3-4 loses its monopoly on your energy. This is also called Kundalini Rising but with emphasis on control and awareness at all stages of the process: when you let the snake out of its cage, you want to do it on purpose, with sobriety.

As soon as the Seven are balanced--each in control of its correct proportion of your personal pool of energy--you are able to experience the greater variety of unworlding possibilities. There are plenty of opportunities for interesting and amazing partial experiences of this condition along the way, all of which are unworldings, with the ultimate unworlding being the spontaneous creation of the Body of Air, the nineness body, which synthesizes automatically when the Seven are in balance with each other. The Body of Air is the ride to freedom.

But as beginners, we are more interested in the practical side of things, the stepping-stones along the way. Keeping in mind that any stepping-stone can be skipped over, so we don't want to get hung up on seeking out some certain milepost. This is part of the work of the 5ness dream body, which ensures that fluidity is built into the process. You work with what you have. You adapt to what you find yourself experiencing. Rigid expectations are a big hurdle to unworlding. For example, if you seek out the Apnea and consider yourself a failure because you never experience sleep paralysis, you are actually failing because of rigid expectations. Everyone is different, and consciously experiencing sleep paralysis is only one manifestation of the Apnea. You can experience the last portion of the Apnea--the Vertigo--as a rush of energy in the torso, which you might interpret as a racing heartbeat. This is more common than sleep paralysis, which in the waking state is caused by changing horses midstream, in other words, becoming conscious of sleep paralysis is a mistake. Or you might not experience the Apnea at all, for example if 2-3-4 shuts down too much while traversing the Apnea, you will traverse it in a comatose condition and have nothing to report. You may find yourself in the Projection Room unaware that you are a silly millimeter away from the Nothing which is the Doorway to Everything.

Many online experts will advise you that the images you see while in the Projection Room are of no consequence. Listening to experts is all well and good, though most people who are good at this already have long forgotten how they got through the rough early days, or never noticed the nature of their learning process to begin with. It is however noteworthy that on one side of the Apnea there is Noticing, whether Forced Noticing or Spontaneous Noticing, while on the far side of the Apnea the images are of a completely different character, so this is called Beyond Noticing. Riding an image, aurage, or feelage out of the Projection Room is a ride into the Nothing which is the Door to Everything. That is no small hill of beans. So you have to learn the difference, and that is why I never use the term "hypnagogic". The term has been ruined by the experts who seem to know how horribly useless and random the images are. So save us from the experts already. We have to avoid drinking the kool-aid when examining the attitudes and beliefs of those who have gone on before us. For example, the only reason they think the voices are spouting gibberish is that they don't recognize advanced codes speaking transcendant truths when they hear them. Decoding is another matter, it isn't always possible for the conscious mind to do. Or necessary.

The Apnea is a one-way channel, acceleration nozzle or valve (fluid diode or valvular conduit per Tesla) that can allow awareness to pass though it in either direction, but not both ways at the same time. Unlike the conscious mind (the 2-3-4), the Apnea can't change directions instantaneously. The Apnea senses your intended direction and responds to it appropriately, aiming the same way your intent is aimed. The problem comes up, especially for certain individuals who are prone to this, that intent can change suddenly since intent is Change Itself, while the Apnea is a condition of phenomena and it changes more slowly. So if you change your conscious mind (2-3-4) or your intent (5ness) about which way to go while in the Apnea, you will experience extreme resistance trying to back out. It's possible to go backwards in the Apnea, but while your way through would have been accelerated in the original direction--the one that you were headed in when the Apnea adjusted itself to your original intent--if you try to go the other way, suddenly backing out, you will experience extreme resistance which generates fear that then tends to manifest as unfriendly, intrusive images, aurages, and feelages. This is the Old Hag syndrome of conscious sleep paralysis and its first cousin sleep apnea.

Sleep Apnea is caused by constantly flip-flopping back-and-forth, for example if your snoring wakes you up a lot. The result is frequent experiences of panicky, choking feelings in the Apnea. The dictionary meaning of "Apnea" is a temporary cessation of breathing. In my 3D Map of the Worlds, the Apnea is a point at the end of the tunnel where it narrows down or chokes into a nozzle which is meant to accelerate your attention--the essential, useful part of 2-3-4, the conscious mind--through it and beyond. Waking up in the reversed state of apneoid resistance can cause the fear of choking instead of, or in addition to conscious sleep paralysis. It might actually be the tail end of sleep paralysis, with the sudden awakening in a gasping panic being what ends the general paralysis. I did not have sleep apnea before I started practicing going to sleep slowly and going to sleep over and over in a short period of time.

The Apnea quickly gives way to the Vertigo. In the Apnea, awareness is being squeezed out of 2-3-4 by the Dream Usher, 5ness; Vertigo is the same awareness energy rushing into the higher chakras, the Uppers. The sensations that might be felt include a shrinking upward of the perineum or butterflies in the stomach (2-3-4 area), rapid heartbeat or shortness of breath (5ness area), fullness in the throat area or the illusion of choking (6ness area), dizziness or vertigo (7-8 area), heat and/or cold through the spine or torso. The excess energy usually hogged by the 2-3-4 mind/body/world slams into the throat chakra, the brow chakra, and the crown chakra, after passing through the heart chakra with a wave of intense energy which you will come to enjoy or ignore, if you don't already

I'm sure that Kundalini Rising is the same thing as the transit through the Tunnel ending somewhere beyond the Apnea. As for the well-known vibes, it's common for the various chakras, which are the overtones of awareness, to beat against each others' relative frequencies, producing a rough, coarse vibration during the transit process. Once the flood of energy upwards subsides into balance among the Seven, then these vibrations smooth out and/or disappear. These beats are called interference patterns and are common to all vibrational phenomena.

The Vertigo only happens on the way out of 2-3-4 into the unworld. Its complement at the opposite end of the tunnel is called the "hypnagogic twitch". This is a common experience that everybody has when their 2-3-4 body/mind/world suddenly jerks back into existence (awareness). The phenomenon is caused by the sudden return of 2-3-4's usual load of monopolized energy, a.k.a. the physical world. The twitch will sometimes be experienced as a phantom twitch or motion of the Uppers giving their fuel back to the 2-3-4, and sometimes experienced as motion of 2-3-4 itself, though it's sometimes hard to tell which body is "really" moving; maybe both. When people say that images and aurages and feelages are random, stray, meaningless energy, it's because they have not studied the 3D Map of the World lately. Here are some good examples of mini-unworldings from Little Sleeps, and there are many more examples in my online dream journal showing that the little dreams are experiences of the self in its various dream bodies.

2016-02-14 10:25 am

[Breathing while attempting to practice inductions including rubbing hands, rolling out, viewing images, lifting out, swinging momentum by B. Peterson, etc.]

[LS] Pushed straight down into the mattress with my left thumb and when I did this, I felt strong physical vibrations exactly like electric shock without pain in the thumb.

Then realized this was not my waking body's thumb. Very intense and extremely real non-lucid OBE since I didn't realize it wasn't my physical body till I switched back to body awareness.

2016-02-18 2:00 pm

[LS, one of many, lying on back] My dream body suddenly pushed all fingertips of both hands into the foam pad and a solid vibration was the result, which woke me up. The vibration was not as fast--this didn't seem as electrical or shocking--as the thumb push experience a week or so ago. Maybe 5-7 hz quite unmistakeable.

2016-02-19 3:40 pm

[Lying down to breathe... quickly and forcefully, then relaxed and tried to relax into sleep while making good progress on phantom wiggling. Right hand is numb or doesn't detect the foam pad so??? What the heck, who's to say it's not working, so I focused on that and it spread up through forearm, was getting some slight wiggling and trying to spread to upper arm when LS hit. Relevant words with LS1 and LS2 forgotten.]

[LS3] I'M FLOATING in a vertical position a few inches off the ground. Have to get through a narrow spot between obstacles. Have to wait motionless for a larger vehicle to go through first coming towards me. When it's gone, I go on through, thinking, "I was here first." [This wakes me up. There is a strong sound of throbbing vibration outside in reality, a loud truck engine is idling close to the house.]

2016-02-20 2:30 pm

[LS2] Repeat of prior LS but without the symbology, I am INSTRUCTED, SHOWN BY DOING, to take the journey down and out away from body awareness through shades on a continuum keeping a constant thread of awareness from step one to the next. I experienced (and saw as rectangles of successively darker grays) going deeper and deeper (i.e. further from body awareness) through five successive discrete steps, not slow but in about two seconds, boomboomboomboomboom. I actually experienced this, arrived at the fifth step where I had no contact with the body, and awoke directly from there to the notion that this was the same message as that intended to be conveyed by the last LS.

2016-02-22 12:45 pm

[Lying down to sleep/breathe/OBE/dream.]

[LS1] As my dreambody, I toss two objects on the ground and point to them so my other dream body--the one lying down on the foam--will"wake up" and pay attention. I do so and see the objects are two tiny GREEN LIMES [lemoncito--cross between lime and kumquat] lying on the ground about 20 inches from each other and a few feet from me. I get up and grab the one on the left and toss it, but am surprised when I have dream lethargy (sleep paralysis) and as hard as I thought I was throwing it, it only went a few feet. Simultaneously I felt as if my real body had also tried to toss it, but barely twitched. [This twitch woke me up in that panicky paralysis at the end of a suspended breath, but not as scary this time.]

[LS3] Dreambody is demonstrating to me--both of us conscious--how he can climb a ladder one rung at a time, and BRING MY PHYSICAL BODY SMOOTHLY OUT OF SLEEP INTO WAKEFULNESS IN FIVE STEPS. [I woke with no gasp for air or breath paralysis like what I'd been getting lately. When I first woke, I experienced this as a pseudo-memory--the notion that I had had this experience at some distant point in the past, "sort of but not really"--as if I had dreamed it--but as I obtained full consciousness I realized it was a case of dual awareness like LS1 above in which dreambody and I are sharing the same mind. This also happened yesterday (the nodding). While mulling this over, I fell asleep FAST [LS4] and woke up to one of those strong twitches that we get when dreambody kicks or slaps us awake.]

2016-02-27 6:30 am

[Experienced the first full-blown unworlding--a classic OBE exit and partial fulfillment of plan of action--due in part to all the LS preceding it in recent days.]

4:30 pm

[Lying down in breathing room.]

[LS1] Fell back suddenly into my body with great force. Not just a limb twitch, this was the strongest hypnagogic jerk I've ever felt. It made me gasp.

2016-12-31 4:07 pm

[LS] A small androgynous young man with a flat nose tapped me on the right shoulder. I looked at him closely, he pointed to the left, I looked up and awoke. [Dream Usher=5ness]. Saw his features very clearly. Serious look, slightly worried.

Once we have been at play in the fields of infinity and it's time to come back, some of our dream bodies might try to glom onto expanded reality. They enjoy the company of the 2-3-4 mind in its lighter form when it finally starts learning the ropes. It's as if they are holding you back by the feet so you won't return to typical waking awareness.

This causes you to wake up in sleep paralysis, sometimes and for certain individuals, complete with awareness of astral intruders and all the aurages, images and feelages caused by having your feet stuck in the Projection Room. Yes we have eyes in our feet; our whole bodies are made of awareness. More accurately, when I say "dream body" it is shorthand for body/mind/world, and it's the subjective experience we have of what mystics call the chakras.

The scientific basis of sleep paralysis is that it keeps you from kicking your spouse in the head while you're dreaming that you're kicking a soccer ball. I'm not saying the scientific basis of sleep paralysis is false... depending on the spouse. I'm just putting it in context of the transition through various states--what I call the 3D Map of the Worlds. The Apnea is your friend when you are going through it in the originally intended direction. Let's say you've put your head on your pillow and had successful Noticing sessions and you're almost through the Tunnel. The Apnea squirts you out of the Tunnel like a watermelon seed so that the illusion of fast heartbeat, etc. is short. But if you change your mind and start crawling back into the tunnel, you bang your head, you walk into the wall, you scrape your leg, you get lost and thrash around. It's dark in there, you are being pushed around according to the nonsensical whims of the 2-3-4 mind which has come fully awake outside of its usual throne room, the physical world.

Transient experiences of sleep paralysis sometimes make you wake up thinking that you're choking, which is how I came to name it the Apnea (or Reality Apnea) because doctors are now getting rich off of a mythical "sleep disorder" which they call "sleep apnea," which was invented the same day as its expensive treatment. When researchers who hope to expand the domain of Medicine over the human lot can't define a normal human condition as a "disease"--like they managed to do with addiction since the AA religion already had a chokehold on the public's opinion of chemical dependency--they compromise and call it a "disorder" and prescribe a bunch of useless crap for it anyway. As long as they call it anything but normal, they can make money off of it and line the pockets of their evil cousin Big Pharmacy at the same time. The odd notion that people snore themselves to death... yeah... Of course no one has ever snored himself to death, but a lot of CPAP compressors will continue to be sold to gullible patients whose wives won't tolerate their snoring one more night, until it becomes clear to us that dying of a heart attack while you are snoring doesn't mean that snoring killed you.

Sleep apnea is harmless. It's related to sleep paralysis. You wake up in a panic, gulping for air, thinking that you're choking on your flapping mouth parts and a bit of saliva, and it scares you. You might be snoring yourself awake over and over, and the many awakenings are annoying, but they won't kill you. Sleep paralysis is the Apnea traversed backwardsly. It happens when you were going to sleep and then you suddenly start waking up, or vice versa. Someone with many awakenings due to sleep Apnea is going back and forth, in and out of the Tunnel, instead of getting good, refreshing sleep. The Apnea is a one way valve. It shoots you to wherever you were going, but it constricts you if you change your mind. This is not the Apnea's fault. It's the fault of the 2-3-4 body, with its ceaseless fearings making it change horses midstream.

Aside from the sleep Apnea question, people who tend to get stuck in sleep paralysis get on YouTube and make videos claiming that sleep paralysis is the golden corridor to unworlding. We watch their videos and then spend hours lying motionless, trying not to swallow or scratch ourselves, pretending that the numbness we are generating in our limbs from not moving is sleep paralysis. But almost no one who goes this route manages to ever experience sleep paralysis consciously. Sleep paralysis is the golden road only for those who naturally experience it. For everyone else, it's a moving target, an empty pot of gold at the unfindable end of the rainbow, because we don't realize that it happens only while we are acting like astral dorks, changing our mind about whether to go to sleep or wake up. So, for example, no matter how slowly and carefully we go to sleep, we will rarely experience sleep paralysis without somehow managing to go to sleep and wake up almost in the same breath. With so much emphasis on not moving, swallowing or scratching, good luck ever getting to sleep in the first place.

Sleep paralysis experiencers do in fact get unworlded by way of sleep paralysis because sleep paralysis holds them back in an unworlded state so they can turn around and enjoy the Projection Room, the Nothing, and the realms of freedom beyond, once they conquer the fear caused by having the 2-3-4 mind over-energized outside of its usual home, the physical world. The rest of us should be glad we don't get sleep paralysis because it's a pain in the butt and who needs it.

PS, to heck with the religion of science, the Wikipedia version, brought to you as a public service by shills for the American Medical Association trying to put a CPAP machine in every bedroom; the above diatribe is my version and I'll be happy to change it when I get more information from direct experience. Oh, and as I promised, I have to stop using the term "hypnagogic," so what will I call the hypnagogic twitch from now on? Hang on, this won't take long, it will just come to me as a ROTE... I feel it... it's coming... I got it! It's "the Jerk". It's no longer "coming back to the body from the sleep state and landing in the physical with a hypnagogic twitch." It's just, plain and simple, the Jerk.