UNWORLDING...the art form formerly known as "out-of-body-experience," "astral travel," "lucid dreaming," "phasing," "the quick switch," etc.


(a blog post which will eventually be added to my book Unworlding)

But I didn’t remember trading in my digital watch for the Mickey Mouse watch that was on my wrist, so I figured I must be dreaming.

      --Stephen LaBerge & Howard Rheingold, Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming

As the title of this chapter suggests, any attempt to discuss experiencing the unworld without a map of the neighborhood--and more to the point for beginners, how to get there from here--is apt to degenerate into a game of charades pretty quick. Guesswork by way of pointing and arm-waving is a game at which I am truly incompetent, because the anxiety it generates in me is not fun. Even as a young hitchhiker, I would spend my precious little money on a map. I'd rather starve than wander aimless, that's me. Gotta wander, though. Gotta explore, but with the joy of discovery dogging my heels as I accumulate useful knowledge or at least get somewhere I wanna go.

Be that as it may, everyone should create their own map of their own worlds, including a collection of often-recycled plotlines as well as a cast of characters. I created the 3D Map of the Worlds for my own purposes because I found it interesting and helpful. "3D" means my world is not flat. The 3D Map is not my religion, but it is becoming my language. It appears to follow closely the language of my dreams, and when it doesn't, I try to change it. The mindset that makes magic happen is not a force fit.

I'll use this morning's dream as an example. I found myself with my body of sixness at my side: the throat chakra or social center or 5th overtone; my anima, my female side. I call her "Cwahacoy," which is a prehistoric American Indian Shamanic term that means "Crush Who Also Has A Crush On You." Our relationship goes deeper than any crush, but I like the name and I always wanted to be an Indian medicine man anyway.

As I've learned only in the past few days, with the help of my map, our most mundane non-lucid dreams take place in the Tunnel. I had always assumed that every scrap of every dream is an unworlding experience. Which brings us to the need for a map of the territory, so we aren't stuck trying to delineate between "unworlded" and "almost unworlded" or "very unworlded" and "very very unworlded." To understand how a bona fide dream can take place, and often does, while you have yet to transcend the Tunnel that leads to Unworld, just realize that there are seven of us dream bodies, a.k.a. "the Seven", or at times the "somnambulistic seven", and the multi-faceted nature of our state can change infinitely among a large variety of spectrums of experience since each one of the Seven comes equipped with an individually adjustable volume control.

So I'm in transit in the Tunnel--a vague dream of driving Cwahacoy and myself somewhere to be alone together. High level of 6ness on display as sexual desire. At a dead end, having never actually seen the car we're traveling in, I plan to follow her lead across a barbed-wire fence marked prominently by a sign that says, "GO AWAY!" We want to find a trysting spot in the forest that's enclosed by the fence. Ah, but what actually happens? That's a different story. First let me back up.

The transit is the Tunnel. Many dreams begin and end in the Tunnel, before the Apnea. I never thought I'd say it, but when they say a non-lucid dream is different from an out-of-body experience... well, as you see, my map and the status quo map are incompatible because in my world, we don't leave our bodies; we're not in some "body" to begin with. A part of us dials those knobs, those volume controls, and WHOOSH, something happens, something strange that we need a name for. "Dream" works for now, but as I realized only this week, not all dreams take place beyond the Apnea! Which is a big deal for me, because I would never have thought of this if not for the map and my deep interest in my map's accuracy and usefulness.

If you will take a look at the map inset at the bottom of this page, which shows only the Tunnel in greater detail than it's shown on the main map, you will recall from having already read my book Unworlding with great care and attention to detail that the Tunnel is comprised of various milestone experiences which can occur along the way to unworlding. Let's go over these stages of awakening again. Did I say stages of awakening? Yes I did, because our goal is to awaken in an unworlded state, and we unworlders do not understand why most people call this "going to sleep". In fact, we wonder whether perhaps calling it "going to sleep" is possibly part of the reason that most people lose all consciousness when transiting to the unworld, later coming back to this world with total amnesia for what they did all night. So we don't like to talk about going to sleep. We like to talk about what we actually intend to do, and that is to wake up and remember who we are while actually experiencing some unworlded state.

Starting from the 2-3-4 mind-body-world or just "2-3-4" as I like to call it, this is the conscious mind, the physical body and the real world. Each equally a reflection of the 2-3-4. All terminologies nearly opposite of the actual experiences they name, just like "going to sleep," but what do you expect if you live on a planet for the criminally insane. Just be happy when people are merely using doubletalk to avoid their fears rather than beating you senseless and eating your flesh.

Upon entering the tunnel with a plan to either "go to sleep" (lose consciousness and lie on your pillow all night in a coma) or "wake up in the unworld" (that's us unworlders), the first hurdle to cross is the Froth. This is a leaky, bubbly, drippy, oozy slime layer comprised of human thoughts and emotions. It is what holds the world in place. Don't worry, there's no danger of the real world coming unstuck and spinning free into a different part of outer space. A whole planet just for individuals who can't play well with others will always be needed and our noisy, messy thought process, as a species, will always be there to hold the planet in its orbit.

Fortunately, as individuals we do have the option of deciding to drop the bulk of the human thought and emotion baggage, wet rotten log that it is, full of bugs and snakes and creepy, crawly vermin. In other words, to get into the Tunnel at all, you gotta stop thinking and dwelling on emotional garbage. If you can't or won't, then to whatever extent you can't or won't, you might be not only not an unworlder, but on top of that unpleasantness, you could be cursed with insomnia. As a former insomniac I highly recommend giving up the Froth, cold turkey, right now. Sure it pops up anyway, it does that for everybody, thousands of times a day. But if it keeps you from unworlding at will, then it's worth the trouble of learning how to turn off the self-talk at will. Even if you have to practice a sitting meditation for 20 minutes a day at 3:00 a.m. and again at 3:00 pm like I did for months in the earlier part of my practice. Don't let anyone tell you that meditation is an absolute prerequisite, but also don't cut your nose off to spite your face. If you're talking to yourself about stray unrelated stuff while you try to enter the Tunnel, you will just wander in circles in the Tunnel entrance. Your time would be better spent meditating till you find the off-switch for the internal dialog. The Froth is what holds the 2-3-4 mind in place. It is the lock on the door out of the cage. Like grass in a vegetable garden, the Froth is your captor, and your enemy.

It's not necessary to rigidly shut down every whisper of our noisy minds. Be reasonable, this isn't the Olympics. Anyone can do this stuff. Relax and enjoy. A bit of self-talk can even be used to keep yourself from slipping into a useless coma. For example, when you start seeing images spontaneously, you can carry on a simple narrative, naming each image, as long as it's not a continuous stream of yik-yak. There have to be breaks between the chatterings. Another way to do this is to count or repeat a mantra or affirmation. My favorite mantra is just the word "dream". Back when I had a favorite affirmation, it was "I can handle all the magic I have to offer myself." Kinda fruity, don't you think? But I was living with New Agers, and the girls liked it.

What it boils down to is that shutting off the babble barrier requires the focused intention to do so. Intent is the energy needed to change. It is 5ness.

Once past the Froth, the wanna-be unworlder begins actual transit of the Tunnel, which he can, if he wants, occupy with Noticing. This is what I like to do, so that's what I put on my map. Your map might be different. At first I have to force myself to Notice that the blackness seen by closed eyes is not black. With the Froth out of the way, this is easy. As soon as I find it's not easy, I take a step back and notice that the Froth has re-established itself. Noticing consists of images, aurages, feelages, etc. and is described elsewhere. I don't use the term "hypnagogic" since it's too generic to use on an actual map that's actually intended to help us get to where we're going. By "generic" I mean interpreted differently by most everybody, especially the deluded science junkies who say it's meaningless random noise. Even the Froth is not meaningless random noise. We must find a way to appreciate the prison system if we want to escape from it, and I guarantee you that the images, aurages and feelages that you Notice while in the Tunnel are meaningful in some way.

At some point you'll pass a second obstacle. The first was the Froth. Every discrete leap to a more progressed state is a wee obstacle, some wee'er than others. The borderline between Forced Noticing and Spontaneous Noticing is the Nothing, which is 5ness. The Nothing is a black hole or wormhole or portal that glues all states together. Because it's glue, it occurs at all joints. Therefore, when transitioning from state A to state B, the Nothing potentially leads to any other state. At any point of transit from any state to any other state, you could step through the Nothing into any state including one you weren't expecting, such as going from Forced Noticing to a very, very unworlded condition. But let's stick to the map for now, even though none of these steps is absolutely required other than probably enough focus to make it past the Froth.

The second discrete state I seem to encounter in the Tunnel is Spontaneous Noticing. Far from being able to see or hear anything I want, I am however able to stop forcing the images and aurages and feelages as they now have taken on a life of their own. How did this happen?

When you step from one state to another through the Nothing, an instant adjustment of your Seven chakras takes place. Most often this adjustment is just enough to make the Noticings take on some life of their own, but not like Moses parting the waters of the Red Sea. This is a matter of stripping away some of the conscious mind (2-3-4)'s monopolized, wasted energy, which is freed up for use by getting farther and farther from the Babble Barrier, the Froth. You see the Tunnel getting smaller on the map; you are more focused. This converging Tunnel shape is in regards to 2-3-4's increasing leanness. Energy no longer wasted by 2-3-4 becomes available for Change or 5ness as the Nothing to adjust the volume levels of the Seven as the Nothing sees fit. The Nothing, a.k.a. the Dream Usher, has his/her own way of doing things. Sometimes instead of going into Spontaneous Noticing when passing through the Nothing at the end of Forced Noticing, you will instead go straight to la-la land, or dreamland as it's called by the uninititated, or as the truly ignorant put it, you go to sleep very fast. This is where we get all the warnings from experts saying "don't pay attention to hypnagogia or you'll fall asleep." These experts need to stop using the word "sleep" as it doesn't mean anything since--like death--we don't experience it subjectively. We need to rename everything to reflect what we do want to do (unworld) instead of obsessing about things we are only observed doing by others (going to sleep, dying).

A quick word about the Nothing as to its 3-dimensionality, for lovers of 4th grade geometry. It's often called the Void or the 3D Blackness. I was taught, in my transcendent Big Dream entitled "All Four of the Three Stooges" that the Nothing is in fact 3-dimensional, but that its thickness can be exactly zero. This is no problem for an overtone of infinite awareness that handles both change and intent at their core essence. But it's a minor point, so let's keep moving.

It's entirely possible to enter into the images that you Notice in the Tunnel somewhere and find yourself unworlded, just like that. It's something you won't learn to do if you pay too much attention to the Discouragement Fraternity. Whatever you want to do badly enough, that is what you will learn how to do. If you stick with what you enjoy and what you're good at, it might help. I like images, I'm good at seeing them, even though I'm not good at visualizing. Visualizing might be called Forced Forced Noticing, and I have no interest in it. The things we see in any useful Noticing are really there, and that is the beauty of the method.

Spontaneous Noticing in the second stretch of the Tunnel can be supplanted by Spontaneous Dreaming, depending on what setting you get from the Dream Usher's knob-twiddling as you step through the Nothing due to a successful session of Forced Noticing. That is how we end up in dreams that form vaguely from vague thoughts, and it's why so many dreams start with driving or riding in some form of travel vehicle. Transit represents the Tunnel. Many dreams also end in the Tunnel. Which brings us to the Apnea... but not necessarily through it.

The Apnea strips more wasted energy from 2-3-4 as it proceeds through the last section of the Tunnel. The 2-3-4 mind-body loses more of what makes it a prisoner of the physical world. In it's slimmed-down version, it is a lean, mean dreaming machine and the Apnea is an acceleration nozzle that shoots it into the Projection Room or some other state of unworlding Beyond Noticing, where realities take on a reality of their own. Other chapters deal with the complications of the Apnea, which we can experience as the infamous energy sensations if we don't lapse out while passing through it. The energy stripped from 2-3-4 is passed on by 5ness to the 6th, 7th, and 8th harmonic by more knob twiddling as you pass from state to state. The last little stretch of the Apnea is the Vertigo. This refers to the sensation you feel, if any, as the Uppers (the higher chakras or dream bodies) receive their fair share of energy and come alive. From here on out, the sky's the limit. You might find yourself in the Projection Room where images and aurages and feelages truly seem to have a life of their own, or you might skip that stage and end up in any zone of the unworld that intent (5ness) is ready to send you to.

That's it in a nutshell. But I said that so I could say this.

Last night's dream. The car is Spontaneous Noticing. Cwahacoy (6ness) and I (2-3-4) come to a dead end with a fence marked "Go Away". The dead end, the fence, and the sign are all experiences of the Apnea. I won't go into why the Apnea is fearsome, as I go into that in other chapters. But it is projected as an obstacle by dream symbology, more often than not. The forest beyond, which we see as our ticket to freedom, is indeed just that: it is the Nothing. The 5ness or 4th dream body or heart chakra, and its color, like the forest that represents it in this dream, is green. "Ticket to freedom" is right; the Nothing is the Door to Everything.

And didn't I say that the Nothing can have a thickness of zero? As soon as we're over the fence into the forest, the forest is no longer there. In fact I experienced a lapse in consciousness when going over the fence; I didn't experience going over the fence at all, we just got zapped there when I thought of how much we wanted to be there, and from then on the car, road, dead end, fence, sign, and forest were not thought about or experienced in any way. Once we're out of the tunnel, we're out. And into the Projection Room or beyond, with lots more vividness, and instead of Tunnel symbols, the fully unworlded experience projects the main points of my Intent-o-genda. I'll quote that part of this dream from my journal. But first, what happened to my unholy intentions regarding Cwahacoy and her perfect body?

Once we're past the fence (the Apnea), lust (6ness of an obsessive nature; an energy hog) turns into compassion and caring for the girl (6ness of a balanced nature; not an energy hog). I hope she doesn't slip on the rocks, my body of 6ness is now in balance due to knob tweakings accomplished by the Dream Usher as we stepped through the Nothing and out of the Apnea, and her job done, the girl slips away, skipping downhill whimsically while I cautiously pick my way down the huge boulder which is the size of Walt Disney's back yard and which happens to be a very familiar shade of bluish gray that I saw as road gravel in a recent lucid dream just before I became lucid (remembered who I am). From here on out, the dream was a true unworlding, not quite lucid but close enough to qualify as a definite step in the right direction, a.k.a. a Big Dream. The rest of the dream was not only vividly visual, it was an obvious fulfillment of my intent-o-genda. I now quote from my journal.

Wait a second. Upon reading the journal entry I see that the first thing that happened once past the fence was that the adjustment which took place while crossing the fence (the energy freed from 2-3-4) has manifested two more dream bodies. As mentioned above, this energy at the end of transiting the Apnea is called the Vertigo and it is given by the Nothing to the bodies of the 5th, 6th and 7th chakras as needed (which could be called, for example, curiosity, knowing, and expansion.) In this case, the adjustment also stripped away some excess 6ness and ahead of Cwahacoy is another couple, vaguely seen. Although I didn't notice it, at this point I merged with all my dream bodies and as Whirly I had a Big Dream.

Now I really will quote from my dream journal. Of course what is stated or affirmed by writing the intent-o-genda in the journal or saying it to yourself or to the dog, and what ends up actually lined up in intent and thus actually taking place, are two different things. But encouragingly enough, this time they weren't so different.

2017-01-10 6:10 pm

[Intent-o-genda is to merge with Whirly (my body of air or higher self), experience all my dream bodies from his perspective, to transition back through the tunnel, open my physical eyes, close them and transition back to unworld experiencing all the stages along the way. That is my plan.]

2017-01-11 6:00 am

...I lose track of Her as I become more interested in the place (state of being) than in the company (who I've already merged with). I see that there is a high roof far overhead and this is a huge building, like an auditorium. Wondering where I am, I momentarily see the building from the outside. I can tell it's a University building because I see the name of the building outside.

I'm showing an important large picture book to my silent, unseen female companion. The pages are odd and foldy and a little stuck together, so I have to concentrate to get to the illustration I want her to see. Finally the two pages separate and it's a two-page spread, a beautiful stylized rendering of a Tiger (Whirly) showing the whole tiger from the side, mid-stride, with his head turned to the side so he's looking out of the page straight at us.

I see that the picture was printed with a special process similar to one of those holographic things that turns into a different picture if you look at it from a different angle, but this is much better. The process is explained on the page as a layer of ink overlaying the Tiger. The ink itself is like a computer that never shuts off so that it can update the picture while you gaze at it. I demonstrate the effect to my companion by allowing the paper to roll up slightly and letting the roll move across the page like a wave. The layer of ink is invisible when you view the page straight on, but when the paper is slightly wavy, the tiger is covered by a blackish green, not shiny, oddly fuzzy or 3-dimensional VOIDNESS which then disappears when the page lays down flat again.

[Woken up by wife.]

[Obviously my intent-o-genda is trying hard to manifest itself. Repeating that in case there's any doubt: "I will merge with Whirly (formerly known as Tiger, who sometimes cues lucidity) and experience all seven dream bodies (Whirly's constituents) from his perspective." The correspondence of the symbology to the agenda is obvious. Also the GREEN of the void and the bluish-gray stone which I experienced in a previous lucid dream is apparent.]